Lisa Nova Costume

Lisa Nova Costume

You need the following items for your Lisa Nova from Brand New Cherry Flavor Halloween costume:

  1. Shiny Trench Coat
  2. Mini Pencil Skirt
  3. Thigh High Stockings
  4. Egyptian Nile Ankh Earrings
  5. Spike Earrings
  6. Cherry Red Lipstick
  7. Low Stiletto Heels

How To Dress Like Lisa Nova From Brand New Cherry Flavor

Cherry Flavor Lisa Clothes

Dress like Lisa Nova from Brand New Cherry Flavor;

Lisa Nova Outfits: Lisa Nova has 90s rocker chick style. While attending a party with Lou she wears a sexy shiny black leather trench coat, her mini skirt is only visible for a couple of seconds when Lou tries to touch her legs. She wears black stockings.

Lisa Nova Earrings: Even though her outfit changes frequently, she wears her earrings all the time even in the shower. She wears one piece of Ankh earring and one piece of spike earring in her left ear. Her right ear has no earrings.

Lisa Nova Accessories: To complete your Lisa Nova look, don't forget black low heels and red lipstick.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Lisa Outfits

Cherry Flavor Lisa Fashion

Lisa Nova is an aspiring film director in the sun-drenched but gloomy world of 1990s Los Angeles who embarks on a mind-altering journey from the streets of Beverly Hills to the Brazilian forests in search of supernatural revenge. Lisa is kind of an Alice in Wonderland character, except the rabbit hole leads her on a hallucinatory path of sex, magic, revenge, and kittens, yes kittens, kittens are one of the main characters in Brand New Cherry Flavor.

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