Loid Forger Costume

Loid Forger Costume

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Outfits
Anya Forger SPY x FAMILY Outfits

How To Dress Like Loid Forger From SPY x FAMILY

Loid Forger SPY x FAMILY Halloween Costume

Dress like Loid Forger from SPY x FAMILY;

Loid Forger Wig: #1 dark blonde short wig.

Loid Forger Lense: #2 blue lense.

Loid Forger Costume Suits: #3 light green vintage retro 3pc suit, #5 3pc blazer suit.

Loid Forger Shoe: #4 lace-up Oxford.

Loid Forger Hat: #6 braid fedora sun hat.

Loid Forger Costume Full Set: #7 Loid Forger brown suit, #11 Loid Forger light green suit.

Loid Forger Vest: #8 green dress vest.

Loid Forger Tie: #9 solid red tie.

Loid Forger Shirt: #10 slim fit dress shirt.

Loid Forger Gun & Holster: #12 Makarov air pistol, #13 Walter PPK leather shoulder holster.

Loid Forger Glove: #14 leather glove.

Loid Forger Halloween Costume

Loid Forger SPY x FAMILY Cosplay

Depending on the occasion, his hair is often straightened to varying degrees. He is quite tall with an athletic build and big ears.

He often wears a light green three-piece suit with a red tie on the outside. On his left lapel he wears a dagger-shaped pin with the symbol of wisdom.

He is wearing a plain t-shirt with long black pants. He wears a lab coat over his shirt and tie.

Loid Forger Cosplay

His personality is very cold and efficient for his job, doing anything to complete the mission, from joining terrorist organizations to dating his target's daughter to fatherhood. However, he is shown to have a kind personality as shown when he saved Anya Forger and even risked his identity as a spy.

Loid's past as a powerless war orphan feeling despair and isolation apparently stayed with him into his adult years and becomes his motivation as a spy to create a world where children need not cry. He sincerely sympathizes with Yor Forger's sacrifice for others and their beliefs, which became the determining factor in Yor's decision to marry him.

Contrary to his current personality and occupation as a spy, he was an honest child and rarely lied to his parents. He lies to his father to get him to give him pocket money to buy a soldier's gear, he quickly felt guilty and almost immediately confessed to his father and wanted to work for money to pay his father back. After his father's disappearance during the Ostan raid on his hometown, he felt even guiltier for lying and vowed to tell his father the truth when he returned.

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