Lumine Costume

Lumine Costume

You need the following items for your Lumine halloween costume:

  1. Lumine Cosplay Wig
  2. Lumine Cosplay Hair Clip
  3. Lumine Cosplay Sword
  4. Lumine Cosplay Boots
  5. Lumine Cosplay Costume


Lumine is playable as Traveler along with her brother Aether in the game Genshin Impact. At the beginning of the game, she and her brother are separated by an unknown god. She then wakes up in the new world and ends up fishing Paimon out of a lake. She is now looking for her brother in Teyvat with her travel companion Paimon.

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How To Dress Like Lumine From Genshin Impact

Lumine Cosplay

Dress like Lumine from Genshin Impact;

Lumine has light blonde hair. Her hair is cut in a short and choppy bob, with two longer, shoulder length strands of hair framing her face, with two light blue Inteyvat flowers to the right of her head and two light blue feathers to the left of her head.

Her color scheme consists of white, light blue and gold. She wears a sleeveless, backless, box pleated white gown held up by crossed black straps. She wears a long double-tailed shawl, with each tail having a golden flat diamond-shaped ornament attached to the tip of the tail. Her legwear consists of angled thigh-high stockings and white ankle-high boots.

Lumine Cosplay

Lumine Halloween Costume

The personality of the traveler is primarily determined by the player himself through dialogue options.

Your personality can range from stoic, humble, and helpful to boastful, lazy, and short-tempered. Regardless of the player's in-game choices, all playable characters see the Traveler in a positive light. There are examples of individual language options or similar options that give an insight into their personality as a whole.

They are observed by Paimon, for example, as they do not believe the gods deserve undeserved respect than the mortal denizens of Teyvat. They are also explicitly not interested in meddling in the affairs of any nation, and are primarily only interested in knowing the whereabouts of their siblings. Her initial reaction to Morax's "death" was to simply leave, both to avoid suspicion and seemingly a degree of apathy given the circumstances of her arrival on the world.

Lumine Halloween Costume

This trend continues in Inazuma, where the Traveler initially refuses to support the rebellion and refuses to take sides, only interested in meeting up with the Raiden Shogun. The traveler is visibly frustrated and does not want to interfere in the affairs of the country or associate with anyone, even for a task as simple as delivering a letter. However, despite this reluctance to get involved, they are ultimately a compassionate person who eventually decides to support the resistance to the Shogun's injustice after seeing the circumstances of each situation, particularly at the suggestion of Kamisato Ayaka and Thoma.

Due to her experiences with the Fatui and the Abyss Order, the mere mention makes travelers suspicious. They also show great concern for their siblings, as their original goal was to find them and get answers from the unknown god who sealed them. Eventually, even after becoming aware of their position in the Abyss, they still choose to follow their directions and see the world with their own eyes.

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