Marin Kitagawa Costume Ideas

Marin Kitagawa Costume Ideas


Marin Kitagawa is the main female protagonist of the anime and manga series My Dress-Up Darling. Marin appears in many different outfits in anime and manga. We have prepared a few of them for you. If you want to dress as sexy and impressive as Marin Kitagawa, you can choose any of the costumes we have prepared.

Marin Kitagawa School Uniform From My Dress-Up Darling

You need the following items for your Marin Kitagawa school Uniform:

  1. Marin Kitagawa Cosplay Wig
  2. Cloud Pink Eyes
  3. Pink Fake Nails
  4. Marin Kitagawa School Dress
  5. Silver Ring
  6. Natural Black Obsidian Bracelet
  7. Silver Hoop Earrings
  8. Silver Stud Earrings
  9. Women's Classic Penny Loafer
  10. Swarovski Women's Bracelet

Marin is a tall, young girl with long hair that ranges from blonde to pale pink. Her forehead is covered by part of her bangs that reach down to her eyelashes. Two small locks of her hair stretch down the front of her shoulders. She has straight hair in the manga that eventually becomes curly. She has several silver/white ear piercings on both ears.

With her school uniform, she wears a white shirt with buttoned sleeves that ties in the front at the waist. Their sleeves are often rolled up to the elbows. She wears a knee-length skirt in a light blue school uniform and dark gray tie, along with accessories such as a choker and other jewelry. She wears black socks and brown shoes. She has long sharp nails painted sparkly pink.

Marin Kitagawa Rizu-Kyun and Shizuku Kuroe Costume

You need the following items for your Marin Kitagawa Rizu-Kyun and Shizuku Kuroe Costume:

  1. Rizu Kyun Dark Red Wig
  2. Marin Kitagawa Devil Costume
  3. Fake Black Nails
  4. Green Cosplay Eyes
  5. Short Straight Purple Wig
  6. Marin Kitagawa Carnival Suit
  7. Purple Cosplay Eyes
  8. Womens Patterned Lace Stockings

Her little devil outfit consists of a long choppy red wig with bangs, tied at the top in high pigtails with furry hair ties and devil horn accessories. She sports long false eyelashes with red eyeshadow, as well as long false fangs, pointy ears, long painted black nails, and green contact lenses. Her shirt resembles a Victorian-style dress but is cut very short, lying just below her chest. The shirt has long black puff sleeves covered with white buttoned fabric at the wrists. Above the shirt is a long, ruffled, white-collared shirt-piece, buttoned to the neck, almost resembling a maid's apron, with a small white bow under the first button at the neck. Below, she simply wears ruffled black panties. Small black devil wings are attached to her back and a black tail ending in a spade tip is attached to her pants. She wears a necklace as an accessory to "hypnotize" people. Her socks are short and black with ruffles at the top. She doesn't wear shoes.

For her other outfit, she has a black wig with a purple hue that is cut to shoulder length with bangs reaching to her false eyelashes. Her lashes are long but are most noticeable on her outer eyes, creating a droopy look. She has red eye shadow and lipstick and purple eyebrows to match the wig and purple contacts. Her nails are long and pointed as always, but now painted matching purple. She has a black hat with three red roses on top and an embroidered rose pattern on the brim. Marin wears a black maid dress with long ruffled sleeves. The cuffs reach to her hand and are flared with ruffles. On her shoulders she has white ruffle detailing that goes up and is attached to the ruffled apron that ties at her waist.

Marin Kitagawa Swimsuit 

You need the following items for your Marin Kitagawa Swimsuit:

  1. Marin Kitagawa Swimsuit
  2. Marin Kitagawa Cosplay Wig
  3. Sexy Denim Shorts
  4. Fake Pink Nails
  5. Converse Women's Sneaker
  6. Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt

This outfit of hers is very simple, a black bikini with ties and a yellow floral pattern on the top. Her accessories, hair and makeup are normal. She has no socks or shoes, but her toenails are painted pink. However, she wore a blue and yellow flannel shirt and jeans over the outfit before stripping.


You need the following items for your Marin-Kitagawa-Black-Lobelia-Costume;

  1. Black Lobelia Cosplay Costume
  2. Women's Thigh High Over The Knee Boots
  3. Cloud Pink Eyes
  4. Silver White Straight Wig

With her Black Lobelia cosplay outfit, she wears a waist-length silvery-white wig with long, fluffy bangs that frame her face. She wears one red and one blue contact lens, with her bangs often obscuring her black eye. She wears a military hat with a fleur de lis symbol on it and a stylized short black military jacket with gold fringes on the shoulders. Under her jacket, she wears a low-cut, sleeveless leotard that dissolves from the waist into long, sheer fabric with occasional ruffles.

The leotard has ruffles at the top that frame the exposed skin of her breasts and intricate patterns on the silvery-black fabric bodice. She has nothing to cover her butt/hips except the leotard. As accessories, she wears long black gloves that reach down to her forearms and a black collar. There is a black and white jewel on her chest that appears to be stuck to her skin. Finally, she wears shiny black boots with heels that reach her thighs.

Marin Kitagawa Halloween Costume

Rizu-kyun Cosplay

Marin is flamboyant, messy, and despite being quite mature, she's also clumsy. A cosplayer and huge otaku, Marin is a huge fan of Magical Girl anime and adult video games. She has a strong desire to play certain characters and sees the idea of dressing up and becoming those characters as the ultimate form of love for her.

Marin's love for the characters she likes goes to the point where she stops cosplaying them the way she wants when she feels like she can't keep up with her looks because of her image don't want to damage.

Marin Kitagawa Cosplay


She is particularly nice, friendly, cheerful and outgoing. Marin is shown to have a strong dislike of overly critical people who judge others based on their interests, leading her to turn down advances from a boy early in the series who poked fun at her liking anime. Marin's non-judgmental attitude and kind nature lead her to admire Wakana greatly, despite the boy's perceived awkwardness and calmness by others. Seeing no reason to keep their newfound friendship and a secret, she greeted him openly in the school hallways and later invited him to a ramen restaurant.

Marin has her own values and despite her cheerful and easy-going nature, she can take them seriously. For example, she easily saw Wakana being taken advantage of by his classmates and told him not to put up with it.

Although Marin possesses a mature side, she can get a bit confused at times. She poorly knitted a prototype of her first cosplay outfit, despite having step-by-step instructions. She's also a procrastinator, often watching anime at work and completely losing track of time. Still, she can be surprisingly proactive when things are important to her, like finding out where Wakana lived so they can start their first cosplay project right away instead of waiting over the weekend. Marin claims that when she has an idea, she wastes no time and gets straight to the point, revealing her hasty and impulsive side.

Marin proves to be very brave as she had no problem allowing Wakana to take her measurements for her first cosplay outfit and she did so in a swimsuit despite being early in their friendship. She is shown to have a more teasing side, sometimes cracking jokes at Wakana's expense and laughing when he gets embarrassed and nervous. However, these moments can also be embarrassing for Marin, especially when she begins to realize her own feelings for him.

Although Marin is carefree, she is not inconsiderate towards others, quite the opposite. After seeing Wakana exhaust herself to get her Shizuku-tan outfit finished and fully stitched; a result of not knowing when to get the outfit ready. She broke down with remorse and tearfully apologized to him after realizing that he had worked his way to the bone for her while attending to his own duties, studying for midterms, juggling his grandfather's Hina doll shop and was supervising visits when he injured his back.

She has a habit of being ashamed of seemingly insignificant things while ignoring or not caring about far more humiliating factors. When a photographer snapped a photo of Suzuka as Shizuku during the cosplay event with the wind blowing up her skirt and showing off her boxer shorts, Marin was more concerned that she wasn't looking at the camera and actually apologized for it, that she had taken an indecent photo of Suzuka herself and said she would delete it. Marin hastily welcomed Wakana into her apartment and was surprised and embarrassed to find that she wasn't wearing her pink contacts, but was still in her sleepwear and baring most of her top half.

Marin also enjoys eating, but still manages to maintain her slim figure until later in Chapter 64. She is also not a very good cook, as her meals are often greasy and contain large amounts of meat and rice.

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