Merlin Costume

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Costume

7 Deadly Sins Merlin Costume

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Costume Items

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Halloween Costume

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Halloween Costume

Dress like Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins; Merlin costume consists of long navy cardigan, navy booty shorts, navy boot and fur collar, to complete your Merlin look don't forget to get crystall ball and seven deadly sins tattoo set.

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Cosplay Costume

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Cosplay Costume

Merlin is the Boar's Sin of Gluttony  of the seven deadly sins. She is considered the greatest magician in Britannia. Her sacred treasure is the morning star Aldan, a floating ball that she can conjure up at will and that often uses infinity in conjunction with her spells and her inherent power. The name "Merlin" is actually an alias because its real name is unspeakable for people.

How To Dress Like Merlin From Seven Deadly Sins

Ten years ago, Merlin wore complete armor with a unique helmet that, like the rest of her seven deadly sins, resembled a beetle. This armor set had a long dress and she wore high-heeled boots. Merlin's wanted poster shows her as a young woman with long, dark hair. Her Seven Deadly Sins tattoo is on the left side of her neck and is colored red, hence her nickname as "Crimson Pig".
Ten years later, Merlin was first seen in a long purple cloak that covered her entire body and face, making her gender ambiguous. When the cloak was torn apart, it was shown that Merlin looked very much like her appearance on the poster she was looking for. She is seen as a slender, attractive, tall woman with three beauty spots under her right eye (although after her resurgence after Hendrickson's defeat, she appears to have only one, deeper, larger beauty spot). Her outfit consists of a very insightful, long coat with a fur collar, heart-shaped buttons, short shorts that resemble a panties with a heart, and thigh-high boots. Merlin's hair is shoulder length and black.

After Chandler's full counter reflected her magic of magic, it became clear that her true form was that of a child. In this form, Chandler describes her as an adorable child with long black hair that reaches down to the middle back.

Merlin's chin and mouth were burned at the end of the demon king's arch. She decides to keep the burns as a symbol of Escanor's existence after his death.

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