Dress Like Mike Wheeler From Season 4

Mike Wheeler S4 Costume


How To Dress Like Mike Wheeler From Stranger Things Season 4

Mike Season 4 Halloween Costume

Dress like Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things Season 4;

Mike Wheeler's Season 4 Outfit: Now that he is nearly a grown up, Mike wears more mature, at least for the 80s. For your Mike Wheeler Season for Halloween costume, you need a basic gray t-shirt, a yellow short sleeve button down shirt, and olive green shorts.

Mike Wheeler's Season 4 Accessories: To complete your Mike from Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costume, don't forget white sunglasses, which were very popular back in the late 80s and early 90s, a sunglasses retainer and a green visor cap.

Mike Wheeler Season 4 Halloween Costume

Mike Season 4 Outfits

In the previous seasons of Strange Things, Mike's fashion style was tending to be more mature when compared to his friends. Even though from time to time he looked a bit weird as he was too young for such clothing, he still was adorable most of the time.

In the new season of the Stranger Things, Mike is still tending to wear grown up clothing, however this time he, himself, is a nearly grown up man, and the fashion for the grown up men has changed a lot since the last season's period of Stranger Things.

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