Miyano Yoshikazu Outfits Beauty 7

Miyano Yoshikazu Outfits

How To Dress Like Miyano From Sasaki To Miyano

Miyano Yoshikazu - Sasaki to Miyano Cosplay

Dress like Miyano from Sasaki to Miyano;

Miyano Outfits: White long sleeve shirt, baby blue sleeveless beauty sweater, navy blue white grey sprinter sneaker sports shoes, red stripe white sneakers sports shoes, black white Chuck Taylor All-Star converse, deep blue one button solid jacket vest pants

Miyano Accessories: Blue belt, short black wig, business student laptop bag, satin ribbon

Miyano Cosplay

Miyano Yoshikazu - Sasaki to Miyano HalloweenCostume

He is short in stature and has relatively feminine features, with large eyes, short, curly hair with long bangs, and a mole under her left eye. Despite being quite short, the fact that his father is 188 cm tall continues to give him hope (although his mother is only 152 cm tall). Miyano usually wears his school uniform without a tie and with a knit vest or sweater.

You combine a white shirt with a navy blue suit. You can use according to your preference a sleeveless blue sweater. A blue belt is also among Miyano's preferences. You will easily look like Miyona with a short black wig. You can choose from shoes numbered 7, 8 and 9. I prefer Chuck Taylor All-Star Convers. You can be added to your combination a bag if you are talking about school.

Miyano Halloween Costume

Miyano is one of the two main characters of Sasaki and Miyano. Miyano isn't very friendly, but she's not very shy either. Although he is extremely indecisive on matters he is unsure of, once he makes a decision, he implements it. Thoughtful and polite, never a pushover, he never pays homage to his seniors. Miyano is very sensitive about her feminine traits due to past experiences where her classmates gently mock her for looking 'girly' and suggest she cross-dress the girl she's in love with.

As he matures to look a little more masculine than before, he struggles to overcome this complexity about his appearance. While he talks about events as potential BL scenarios, it's also something he likes to keep to himself. He wants to conversation about BL with Sasaki but only when they are alone. Miyano is pretty clear on what's comfortable depending on who it's with and the setting.

Other Outfits Worn By Sasaki to Miyano

Sasaki Shuumei - Sasaki to Miyano Outfits
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