Momo Nishimiya Costume

Momo Nishimiya Costume

You need the following items for your Momo Nishimiya Halloween costume:

  1. Momo Nishimiya Wig
  2. Momo Nishimiya Cosplay Costume
  3. Black Shoes
  4. Cosplay Replica Halloween Carnival
  5. Fiesta Blue Eyes
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How To Dress Like Momo Nishimiya From Jujutsu Kaisen

Momo Nishimiya Halloween Costume

Dress like Momo Nishimiya from Jujutsu Kaisen;

Momo is a little girl with a very youthful appearance. She has blonde hair tied into two pigtails that tie at the base and point up and light blue eyes. Both of her ears are pierced with two earrings and she also wears a choker. She always carries her signature broomstick to match her witchy appearance. Momo's school uniform consists of a loose, short-sleeved, mid-rise black dress with black ballet flats.

Momo Nishimiya Cosplay

Momo Nishimiya Cosplay

Momo initially appears as a reserved girl who is intimidated by the students at the Tokyo School. She has a close relationship with the other girls at her school, Kasumi and Mai, and believes that women are treated unfairly in the jujutsu world compared to men. This prejudice affects her own personality, as Momo is shown to care deeply about "cuteness" and her overall appearance.


Momo Nishimiya Halloween Costume

Also, Momo is quick to follow the belief that Yuji is a danger to everyone, Yuji is leading her to form a rivalry with Nobara Kugisaki. However, despite her difficult relationship with some students, she is a team player and will do her best to help in a crisis.

Momo arrives at Tokyo College along with the other students and faculty for the Kyoto Goodwill Event. After meeting the Tokyo students and staff, Momo attends the pre-event meeting. During the meeting, Momo talks to the other students about her plan to kill Sukuna's host, Yuji.

Once the event starts, Momo rides her broomstick and tries to find Yuji. Finding him, she contacts the others about Yuji's whereabouts and how Aoi is currently facing him. After the Kyoto students decide to leave Aoi to Yuji, Momo goes in search of the cursed spirits scattered throughout the forest, but is suddenly attacked by one of Megumi's shikigami, Nue. Momo lands in a tree and notices Megumi's Nue ability affecting her, then Panda and Nobara appear and greet her.

Momo and Nobara talk about how Principal Yoshinobu wants the Kyoto students to kill Yuji. Momo then gets upset that Nobara insulted Mai and decides to teach her a lesson. She fights Nobara by staying out of Nobara's reach and attacking from afar.

Momo also manages to land a smack in Nobara's face with her broom, which angers Nobara. Momo then explains that female wizards are expected to be flawless both physically and in ability, unlike males who do not encounter these prejudices. Her speech makes Nobara even more angry.

Momo remains wary and careful to keep his distance from Nobara due to what Noritoshi told her about Toge's cursed speech ability. She manages to dodge Nobara's attack and explains what it means to be a wizard of the Zenin clan. Nobara nails her nails to the trees that fall on Momo, but Momo dodges them. As Nobara approaches, Momo kicks her away and distances himself.

Nobara Kugisaki obtains a straw from Momo's broom and applies her technique to it, causing Momo to lose control of her broom. Afterwards, Momo is attacked several times by Nobara with a squeaky hammer. Just as Nobara is about to knock Momo unconscious, Mai shoots Nobara, forcing her to the ground. Momo is then contacted by Mai, who tells her to keep helping her team from the skies.

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