Monse Finnie Costume

Monse Finnie Costume

Diy Monse Finnie Costume

Diy Monse Finnie Costume Items

How To Dress Like Monse Finnie From On My Block

How To Dress Like Monse Finnie From On My Block

Dress like Monse Finnie from Netflix's On My Block; Monse Finnie costume consists of plaid flannel shirt, sunshine color t-shirt and khaki shoulder bag, to complete your Monse Finnie costume don't forget to get velvet mini shorts and black & white sneakers.

Monse Finnie Outfits

Monse Finnie Outfits

Monse Finnie is the main character in "On My Block". It is portrayed by Sierra Capri.

Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latin American descent. She was brought up by her single father.

Monse is a selfless, open girl who does everything to keep her friends together. It will always put others' needs ahead of its own.

She had no female role model in her life, so she has no idea how to do her hair or wear clothes.

Monse Finnie Cosplay Costume

Monse has curly brown hair that she usually wears, with part of it cut off at the back and the rest at the bottom, except for Chapter 10, where she ironed it flat.

She pierced her ears with a second piercing over her right ear. She has brown eyes and is very slim. At the beginning of the series, she had braces that were removed in the summer. She also wears a ring on her right hand.

Monse is brutally honest and has no filter. She is very bossy and that's why Cesar calls her a "honey badger".

She is very headstrong and determined, as her mission shows, to get Cesar out of the Santos. It's not very forgiving - as soon as you insult it, it's on. Monse is a kind of "all or nothing". Even though she is strong, she can be quite sad at times.

When her suspicious mother read to the children that Monse was babysitting, she burst into tears. It shows that she really has feelings. She is a father's girl.

Monse's mother left when she was young and she is not very feminine. Monse doesn't like that she doesn't know how to be girlish. She also has a weakness for Cesar. When she lied about what had happened in the summer and broke it off with Cesar, you could see a tear running down her face.

She also breaks down in her father's arms after her separation. Monse is characterized by her loyalty. Despite her feelings for him, she refuses to be with Cesar because she remains loyal to the 'family' and doesn't want to ruin their relationship.

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