Motoko Kusanagi Costume

Motoko Kusanagi Costume

How To Dress Like Motoko Kusanagi From Ghost In The Shell

motoko kusanagi cosplay

Dress like Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell;

Motoko Kusanagi Costume: For your Motoko Kusanagi Halloween costume, you will need her cosplay costume, her cosplay wig, a pair of purple colored contact lenses, and optionally a cropped purple leather jacket.

Motoko Kusanagi Accessories: To complete your Motoko Kusanagi Halloween costume don't forget a toy pistol and black combat boots.


Motoko Kusanagi Cosplay

motoko kusanagi halloween costume

Motoko Kusanagi is the main character of the anime and manga series “Ghost in the Shell”. She is a cyborg who works as a squad commander of the 9th Public Security Division, a fictional unit of the real-life National Public Security Commission of Japan, and earned the rank of major while serving in the Japanese Land Self-Defense Forces.
Various incarnations of Kusanagi in manga, films and television series portray her in different ways. Since each of them has an independent storyline, Kusanagi's physical and mental characteristics have been changed in some way or other.


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