Nagisa Momoe Costume

Nagisa Momoe Costume


How To Dress Like Nagisa Momoe From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Nagisa Momoe Cosplay Costume

Dress like Nagisa Momoe;

Nagisa Momoe Costume: For your Nagisa Momoe Halloween costume, you will need a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Nagisa Momoe Cosplay Costume, and orange ballet flats.

Nagisa Momoe Accessories: To complete your Nagisa Momoe, don't forget to get a long white synthetic wig and black dot tights.


Nagisa Momoe Halloween Cosplay Costume

Nagisa Momoe Cosplay

In her normal life, Nagisa has long white hair with two small braids. Her eyes are orange and yellow. Her casual outfit consists of a pink sailor-style polka dot dress with a white collar, cuffs and brown stripes on both. Under her fluffy arms, she wears long brown sleeves. It has a brown bow around the neckline and a brown stripe at the hem of the dress and white frills underneath. Inside the collar are a wine red, white lace and brown striped flap. She wears the same color pantyhose and brown shoes with a pink bow.

Although Nagisa Momoe is shown to be more understanding than she looks, she is often childlike, serving as the bold and cheerful comic relief of the group. She tends to speak well. Even more childlike as a baby, she jumps often and panics at the thought of turning into cheese. Either way, he's energetic, talkative, and a bit sloppy, empty-headed, and messy.

Nagisa's given name is written in hiragana and has no special meaning. It can mean "beach" or "waterside" when written in kanji. The "-sa" part can mean "sand". Momoe's first character means "face" but also carries the connotation of "many things". The second character means "input" or "compartment". "Momoe" can be translated as "hundred rivers". In many languages, "baby" is pronounced similarly to "baby." This fits with Mami's name, which is pronounced similar to "mother" and refers to their relationship on Rebellion.

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