Nejire Hado Costume

Nejire Hado Costume

How To Dress Like Nejire Hado From My Hero Academia

Nejire Hado Cosplay

Dress like Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia;

Nejire is a fair-skinned girl of medium height with large eyes. Her upper lashes are long and thick and her irises are royal blue. Her hair is evergreen and reaches to her knees, coils around her waist, and curves inward around her legs. She has side-swept bangs that are tucked behind her ears on the right and hang just above her eyes on the left, and two short tufts of hair on either side of her face that curve to the right and behind her face, below her ear, on the left side.

Nejire wears a vest instead of the normal U.A. Blazers with her school uniform, as Kyoka Jiro occasionally does.

Nejire Hado Cosplay

Nejire Hado Halloween Costume

Nejire's hero costume consists of a royal blue skin-tight bodysuit with a high black collar, pale mint green markings covering her torso from over her shoulders to between her legs, framed with turquoise, a matching stripe of the same two colors around both upper arms. On her feet she wears a pair of knee-high boots, a pointed tab buttoned up each thigh, with turquoise spirals around her ankles to match the thicker ones over her yellow gauntlets and wrist guards. She has a black strap around the top of each thigh, two small backpacks attached to it, and two spiraling hair horns that protrude from behind her ears, shaped in a nod to her quirk.

After Daby attacked her with his flames, Nejire's hair was burned down to shoulder length and the right side of her body was burned, with her right cheek scarred. After the Paranormal Liberation War, Nejire's burns have fully healed and her hair is now cut much shorter, reaching just to her chin.

Halloween Nejire Hado Costume

By nature, Nejire is a very kind, talkative, and endlessly curious girl who is very interested in and easily distracted by people's unique physical traits. Because of this, Nejire can be very blunt, often asking quite intrusive or off-putting questions.

Nejire is a loving person and a "free spirit", someone who has a genuine passion for learning new and strange things and is not afraid to speak his mind or show how he feels. She seems to like knowing more than others but not in a proud way as she just enjoys explaining things to people and sharing her knowledge. It is mentioned that she acts like a kindergarten teacher due to her childlike joy.

She is very enthusiastic, affable, and cheerful and is always seen in motion. She shows a compassionate side to Eri by doing her hair and playing with her in her free time. However, she has shown a more stoic nature in various situations; She wasn't too worried about Tamaki Amajiki when she found out about his attack. Thanks to her inquisitive and talkative nature, she is a remarkably level-headed person, although she seems like an "airhead" most of the time.

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