Nene Yashiro Costume

Nene Yashiro Costume

You need the following items for your Nene Yashiro Halloween Costume:

  1. Nene Yashiro Cosplay Costume
  2. Purple Cosplay Eyes
  3. Nene Yashiro Wig
  4. Nene Yashiro Cosplay Shoes
  5. Nene Yashiro Black Dress

Yashiro Nene is a high school freshman in Kamome Gakuen's high school division. She made a contract with Hanako and is now bound to him as his assistant.

Nene is a very outgoing and serious girl who apparently craves approval from her peers. She is generally kind to others, sometimes to the point of naivety. She genuinely wants to help those around her, and is even willing to take the perils of interacting with the supernatural to do so. Nene often relies on Hanako to protect her from dangerous supernaturals, and after she starts calling his name when she needs help, Nene wants to find a way to protect Hanako and her other friends.

How To Dress Like Nene Yashiro From Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Nene Yashiro Cosplay

Dress Like Nene Yashiro From Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Nene is a young girl with large magenta eyes with orange accents. Her waist-length hair is a light cream color that gradually fades to a soft teal at the tips and is styled with baby bangs on her forehead. She wears two dark brown magatama hair accessories on the side of her head and pulls back some of her hair. Occasionally, Nene wears other hairstyles such as braids, ponytails, and twintails.

Nene's Kamome Gakuen uniform consists of a cream-colored sailor dress that falls to the knees and has a scalloped hem. The lining of the skirt is a deep magenta, while the collar, cuffs and pockets are all brown with off-white detailing. Her collar bow is the same color as her dress and includes brown stripes; Nene also fastens her personal skull brooch over the bow. Nene wears her regular uniform cream and orange Uwabaki slippers, but opts for dark brown tights with a small crescent moon pattern near the ankles instead of the usual brown knee socks.

Nene Yashiro Halloween Costume

Nene Yashiro Halloween Costume

However, Nene is also quite insecure, especially about her ankles and whether people really like her or not. Also, she's a hopeless romantic who easily falls for charming looks that have led her to many bad experiences with men. Nene craves intensely for a boyfriend, even taking desperate measures such as attempting to call Hanako to grant her wish and recklessly using a supernatural matchmaking item she is unfamiliar with.

Due to her previous crush, who showed interest in girls with "feminine" traits, Nene worked to dabble in cooking, sewing, and gardening to impress him. She worries that she won't be ladylike enough to ever find a boyfriend and fears heartbreak.

While searching for a Clock Guardian, Hanako slips into Nene's body and possesses it, mimicking Hanako's mischievous personality. This "Nene" is bolder and tries to seduce Akane Aoi, much to the real Nene's dismay.

Nene Yashiro Cosplay

Nene can see supernaturals like Hanako without first being bonded to them. It is later revealed that this is because she is near the other shore and has only about a year left to live.

After ingesting the mermaid scale, Nene's skin turns into scales on contact with water. Also, she transforms into a fish when her body is completely submerged. The contractual bond with Hanako allows her to remain in her human form out of the water. Occasionally their scales fall off and can be used as rare currency in the supernatural world.

Nene is able to change rumors surrounding Kamome Gakuen's supernatural beings. She has previously done this with the Kodama Tree, Yako, and the Mokke. This ability may be due to her Kannagi status or because she has ties to one of the Seven Mysteries.

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