Nine Perfect Strangers Masha Costume

Nine Perfect Strangers Masha Costume

You need the following items for your Masha from Nine Perfect Strangers Halloween costume:

  1. Beige Midi Dress
  2. Linen Pants
  3. Turquoise Drop Necklace
  4. Blonde Wig


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How To Dress Like Masha From Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers Masha Halloween Costume

Dress like Masha Dmitrichenko from Nine Perfect Strangers;

Masha's Outfit: As a wellness instructor, Masha dresses up simply. She wears linen dress ad linen pants.

Masha's Accessories: To give her way to simple look a bit of color Masha wears a turquoise necklace. If you are not blonde you can use a wig.

Nine Perfect Strangers Masha Outfits

Nine Perfect Strangers Masha Cosplay

Masha Dmitrichenko is the main character in the Nine Perfect Strangers series. Masha is the founder of the Tranquillum House.
The most important thing for Masha is to be in charge and getting results. She came to Tranquillum House from the world of fast-paced consumer goods, but never wants to stop being innovative. She wants to be the best. In fact, she really believes that she is superior to other people. She is smarter. She is more determined. She is better all around.

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