Nozomi Tojo Costume


Nozomi Tojo Costume


Nozomi Tojo Purple Costume


Nozomi Tojo Cheerleader Costume 

Dress Like Nozomi Tojo From Love Live!

Dress Like Nozomi Tojo From Love Live!

Dress Like Nozomi Tojo From Love Live!;

Nozomi Tojo Outfits: Nozomi wears a couple of different outfits in different occasions. You can choose the one that suits you most.

Nozomi Tojo Wig: Nozomi has long straight purple hair.

Nozomi Tojo Boots: Nozomi wears different shoes for each outfit. Get the one that matches the outfit you choose.


Love Live Nozomi Halloween Costume

Love Live Nozomi Costume

Nozomi Tojo is one of the protagonists in Love Live! She is a third year in Otonokizaka High School. Your picture color is purple. She is a member of Lily White, a subunit under Muse.

Nozomi is a third year student and a former vice president of the school council. She is replaced by Umi Sonoda. She is not originally from the Kansai area, and Season 2, Episode 8 reveals that she and her family had moved for most of their childhood. However, she speaks in a relaxed Kansai dialect after living there for a few years as a child. 


Nozomi Tojo Outfits

As a former vice-president of the student council and the oldest member of μs, Nozomi seems to be a rather wise, mysterious and mature girl with an almost omniscient vibe due to her skills as a tarot reader and fortune teller. She is gentle and kind, as well as rather conspiratorial, and is usually the first person to advise μs when they encounter an obstacle or anger. In most situations, she usually stays calm and composed. This continues even after connecting μs.

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