Omni Man Costume

Omni Man Costume

You need the following items for your Omni Man Halloween costume:

  1. Omni Man Cosplay Costume
  2. Gangster Moustache
  3. White Hair Spray
  4. White Shrimp Boots

How To Dress Like Omni Man

Omni Man

Dress like Omni Man from Invincible;

Omni Man Costume: Omni Man's costume somehow resembles Superman and Homelander's costume. It is red & white with a red cape.

Omni Man Hair: Omni Man has short black with gray sides. He also has a mustache.


Homelander Halloween Costume

Omni Man Cosplay

Omni Man was born on the planet Viltrum to an unnamed woman and Argall, and his legacy has been hidden because his father became of Thaedus. The viltrumite powers under Thragg create a real empire that spreads planets and rights to the galaxy. Nolan contracted the old age and powers to aid the Viltrumites in conquering the planets in order to become a capable warrior who would command his own unit. When Viltrum suffered from a virus, the Empire prevented them from using their lifespan to infiltrate planets and societies, weaken their defenses and counter the Viltrumites

Homelander Cosplay

Omni-Man shows himself to have the personality of an ideal superhero - helping, heroic, always ready to sacrifice himself for others. He had a beloved husband and father, all his life and his son, and a kind of hearing.

He still had a hidden personality that shows his Viltrumite side. His viltrumite side shows that he is arrogant, confused, and loyal. Ineffective of his racial-virtual immortality and indoctrination of the virtumitic ideology, he saw many beings as weak and inferior and saw their purpose as conquered. If they sit wider, they are forcibly subjugated. He is ready to defend the political guardian of the world in order to weaken Earth's defense against the Viltrumites. His ruthlessness shows in his genocide and his quick eye for the flax and its planet. He also shows no remorse for the murders himself he committed and finds them pathetic.

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