Paul Munsky Outfits

Paul Munsky Costume

You need the following items to dress like Paul Munsky:

  1. Active Hoodie Jacket
  2. Wrangler Retro Jean
  3. Black Beefy-T
  4. Green Backpack
  5. Brown Oxford Shoes

How To Dress Like Paul Munsky From The Half Of It

How To Dress Like Paul Munsky From The Half Of It

Dress like Paul Munsky from Netflix's The Half Of It; Paul Munsky costume consists of brown hoodie jacket, retro jeans, black t-shirt and brown dress shoes, to complete your Paul Munsky costume don't forget to get green backpack.

The Half Of It Paul Outfits

Shy student Ellie Chiu feels isolated and without friends in her remote backwater town of Squahamish, where she does much-needed additional homework for her classmates. Ellie reluctantly agrees to help school jock Paul Munsky, who is in love, write love letters to Aster Flores, the girl they both secretly love. As all three embark on an unexpected journey of discovery, they form a complicated triangle of friendship as they grapple with their own unexpected feelings of love and find a connection in the most unlikely places.

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