Pokemon Brock Costume

Brock Halloween Costume

You need the following items for your Brock Halloween costume:

  1. Short Sleeve Tee
  2. Green Vest
  3. Backpack
  4. Jeans
  5. Belt
  6. Dark Brown Wig
  7. Poke Ball
  8. Costume Belt Pouches
  9. Puma Sneakers

Brock is a highly preferred character for Halloween cosplay. You can check out our guide to have more fun and a better time on Halloween.

How To Dress Like Brock From Pokemon 

Pokemon Brock Cosplay

Dress like Brock;

Brock Costume: For your Brock Halloween costume, a short sleeve tee, a green vest, jeans and Puma sneakers.

Brock Accessories: To complete your Brock look, don't forget to get a backpack, a belt, a dark brown wig, a poke ball and last but not least, costume belt pouches.

Brock Halloween Costume

Pokemon Brock Halloween Costume

Brock is considered the most experienced, wisest and most sensitive of the main characters and is arguably the smartest character. He often acts as the older brother and guardian of other characters and is the voice of reason in disputes. He often puts others before himself and helps his friends, albeit perhaps with better knowledge or at his own expense. Although he doesn't fight often, he can understand situations and strategies in any Pokémon battle and explain them to other characters, probably because he was once the Gym Leader. His wisdom probably comes from how observant he is; can tell how a Pokémon is feeling just by looking at it.

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