Pokemon X & Y Serena Costume

Serena Halloween Costume

You need the following items for your Serena Halloween costume:

  1. Serena Cosplay Pink Hat
  2. Red Mini Skirt
  3. Black Converse
  4. Everest Classic Backpack
  5. Sleeveless Shirt
  6. White Tie
  7. Plush Fennekin
  8. White Sunglasses
  9. Long Thigh High Socks

Serena is a highly preferred character for Halloween cosplay. You can check out our guide to have more fun and a better time on Halloween.

How To Dress Like Serena From Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon Serena Halloween Costume

Dress like Serena;

Serena Costume: For your Serena Halloween costume, you will need a sleeveless shirt, a red mini skirt, a black converse and long thigh-high socks.

Serena Accessories: To complete your Serena look, don't forget to get a Serena Cosplay pink hat, an Everest classic backpack, a white tie, white sunglasses and last but not least, plush Fennekin.

Serena Halloween Costume

Pokemon Serena Halloween Cosplay Costume

Serena is a character from the Pokemon TV series. She is a Pokemon trainer, a player from the Kalos region, and one of Ash Ketchum's companions on his journey through the Kalos region. Her main goal is to be called the Queen of Kalos, the highest prestige attainable for Pokemon players. She and Ash met before the events of the series, where Ash helped her when she needed it. From that day he started to fall in love with her and it became one of his trademarks, his blushing was evident every time he looked at her, spoke to her or admired her during the fight.

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