Present Mic Cosplay

Present Mic Cosplay

Dress Like Present Mic From My Hero Academia

Present Mic costume

Dress like Present Mic from My Hero Academia;

Present Mic Cosplay Costume:  Present Mic's hero costume consists of a black jacket with a very high collar that is turned upside down and studded with rivets, as well as matching black trousers and knee-high boots. He wears tan shoulder pads, a red belt and elbow pads, all studded with studs, and black fingerless gloves.

Present Mic Cosplay Wig: Present Mic has long blonde spiky hair in a huge tuft behind his head.

Present Mic Accessories: To complete your Present Mic cosplay costume, don't forget to get yellow glassed cat-eye glasses and calf-high black boots.

Present Mic Costume

Present Mic Hero costume

Hizashi is a tall, slender man with long blonde hair that's lost in a common tuft behind the head and a small brown mustache. He has rectangular eyes with political greenish-greenish-yellow pupils, and he is quickly seen with a heavy weight on his face and has never been seen with his nostrils drawn.

His hero costume consists of a black jacket with a very high collar that is turned upside down and riveted, as well as a matching black hose and knee-high boots. It includes tan shoulder pads, a red belt and elbow pads, all of which are studded, as well as black fingerless gloves. His neck is always obscured by a directional speaker that he uses with his Quirk. It always goes with headphones with the word "HAGE" on the headband and orange sunglasses.

His second hero costume belongs to the conscience, he also painted the shoulder pads and directional speakers. Hizashi carried a megaphone and his personal health made him his character. This megaphone was given from its directional speakers later in the new era.

Present Mic Halloween Costume

Hizashi is part of the eccentric character of a radio host. He often poses when he is speaking and when he is different from the situation. When his behavior was proven, Kyoka Jiro mistook him for his own announcer rather than a true pro hero.

When he's in front of a crowd, he often gets up to bring his audience up to speed, which makes up for that. He will act like that, turn away from the reaction of the crowd. He is also very interested in people and knows he has to keep Shota Aizawa away from many reporters, a situation that can be part of widespread negative publicity. He has a great dislike of insects to the point that hearing many in his general environment will empower him. He admits that hideous areas are preferred to forest areas.

Hizashi is much happier and may be capable of great anger as his reaction to the discovery that Kurogiri is a nomu who is not in the corpse shows whether he is Shirakumo and his confrontation with the man in charge, Kyudai Garaki.

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