Qiqi Costume

Qiqi Costume

You need the following items for your Halloween Qiqi costume:

  1. Qiqi Cosplay Wig
  2. Purple Flash Sclera Eyes
  3. Qiqi Cosplay Costume
  4. Qiqi Cosplay Shoes

How To Dress Like Qiqi From Genshin Impact

Qiqi Cosplay

Qiqi Costume by Genshin Impact;

Qiqi has light purple hair that reaches her shoulders at the sides with a long braid down her back, pale skin, and magenta eyes. Her fingernails are black.

Qiqi typically wears purple clothing and carries several full amulets. Her attire consists of a purple dress and dark purple beret with a red and purple tassel at the top and her Cryo Vision embedded on the side. She wears black high heels and white stockings wrapped in mummy-like bandages.

Despite being a zombie, Qiqi is in better shape than her boss, Baizhu. She does gymnastics daily to prevent rigor mortis, which would otherwise force her to constantly jump around to move. Her outfit, Summerhill Dreams, is described as an herb gatherer's garment that brings her great peace of mind due to the talismans attached. Qiqi costume consists of many accessories.

Qiqi Cosplay

Qiqi Halloween Costume

She has a calm but polite demeanor when dealing with customers at the pharmacy. As a zombie, Qiqi has trouble retaining memories and is quick to forget people unless she constantly reinforces herself with an impression of them, using her vision to protect loved ones. Due to her undead nature, Qiqi has a relatively flat voice and is unable to communicate most of her feelings to others, nor does she have a particularly keen sense of smell. She prefers cold weather, as the heat reminds her of death, and her flesh begins to rot if she stays in such places for too long.

Halloween Qiqi Costume

Although zombies need to be given orders upon awakening because Qiqi did it herself, she is a rare case and has to give orders to herself to carry out her duties. These duties cannot be canceled and she must either complete the task or be forced to cancel it by accepting it with enough sincerity. She takes her duties seriously and carries a notebook with her where she jots down everything she needs to get done for the day, which also serves as a reminder in case she forgets something. She also strives to improve so she becomes less forgetful. However, on particularly bad days, she might forget to check her notebook.

While she generally gets along with everyone, every time Hu Tao appears or is mentioned, she loses her composure, remarking that she has a "punchable face" and absolutely despising her, and stating that she intends to put the director in the Stuck litter fridge because she insists on sealing it. Even after making an exception for them and spoiling them, Qiqi still harbors a grudge against Hu Tao. Although she rarely forgets her boss and is aware that he has ulterior motives for her, she doesn't mind staying with him because she appreciates his concern for her.

She also likes coconut milk and finch for unknown reasons, although she initially mistakes the former as "coconut goat milk".


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