Reki Kyan Costume

Reki Kyan Costume

You need the following items for your Reki Kyan Halloween costume:

  1. Reki Kyan Wig
  2. Reki Kyan Cosplay Costume
  3. Reki Kyan Skateboard
  4. Reki Kyan Cosplay Shoes

How To Dress Like Reki Kyan From SK8 the Infinity

Reki Kyan Cosplay

Dress like Reki Kyan from SK8 the Infinity;

Reki has fair, slightly tanned skin with amber eyes and wild red spiky hair. He often wears an Egyptian blue headband with white detailing and a red wrist sweatband. He is of average height and appears slim. His face is very expressive and easy to read. Usually with a smile or a goofy face.

Similar to the skater boy look, his outfits consist of a sweatshirt or sweatshirt/sweater-t-shirt combo layered with baggy pants. He usually wears a yellow hoodie in his layered or unlayered outfits. The main sweatshirt he wears matches his board details.

Reki Kyan Cosplay

Reki Kyan Halloween Costume

Reki is a carefree high schooler. At first glance, it's easy to assume that he's only interested in skateboarding, and while that's true in a way, he's also shown to be interested in more creative things like drawing and even building skateboards from scratch.

With his outgoing nature, Reki gets along well with everyone, although he has a special affinity for those who are also interested in the skateboarding world. He's on the lazier side of the spectrum, doing only the bare minimum at school to get good grades and never really thinking about career futures, but when given responsibility for things close to his heart, gives he does his best and sets his sights high.

He is also a selfless person who wants the people he cares about to have some form of success, even if it puts him in danger. He enjoys physical touch, which is evident in both Miya and Langa interactions, where Reki often touches her.

Reki Kyan Halloween Costume

Reki cares a lot about his friends. An example of this is when he defends Miya in front of Adam: he challenged Adam to a beef in hopes of winning and forces Adam to take back his insults about Miya. He will also do whatever is necessary to protect his friends, such as going to others to try to convince Langa not to skate against Adam. He expresses concern for Langa and often makes sure he's okay.

Although he has a lot of patience, it's not up to him to make a few jokes about his friends or his boss. Finally, everything comes with the laid-back personality.

Reki also shows fear of falling behind and being left behind, which means he has to work harder to catch up with his friends' raw natural talents. He is visibly upset when he receives compliments from Langa that show he doesn't believe what his friends are saying about his own worth.

Reki has been shown not to rate himself highly at all, but listens to the words of others who say he's just the "redhead" Snow hangs out with. He shows weakness and covers it with a smile. He is so afraid of being left behind that he self-destructs, damaging his body and mind in the process. He thinks he's inferior to his best friend because Langa has a raw natural for everything.

Reki exhibits self-doubt in the episodes which deepens and leads to him scolding Langa for not being excited about facing Adam - he is scared. He breaks down realizing he can no longer be of any use to his friend and tells him that our journey of fear and self-doubt ends here. He is deeply saddened to discover that all of his closest friends are talented, while himself jokingly suggests that he is not. He loses the sparkle in his eyes when he talks about skateboarding and gradually becomes the shell of the once happy skateboard-loving nerd.

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