Reze Chainsaw Man Costume

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume

How To Dress Like Reze From Chainsaw Man

Reze Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Reze From Chainsaw Man;

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Wig: #1 purple ponytail wig, #3 long black wig bangs for straight ponytail wig.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Accessories: #2 vintage pu leather choker necklace goth O-ring choker, #5 black satin western Kentucky string tie, #13 long thigh cotton over knee-high thin high stocking.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Skirts: #4 high waist pleated button skort asymmetrical skirt short.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Tops: #6 elegant satin button-down blouse solid collar sleeveless shirt, #10 sleeveless basic solid summer blouse.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Lens: #7 green eye.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costumes: #8 Chainsaw Man Reze/Makima costume, #11 Reze school uniform blue suit jacket.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Shorts: #9 faux leather high waist stretch slim hips motorcycle skinny coated shorts.

Reze Chainsaw Man Costume Shoes: #12 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal 2019 low top sneaker, #14 Mary Jane shoes t-strap chunky heel goth platform Lolita shoe.

Reze Halloween Costume

Reze Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Reze appears to be a young woman. Reze has a slim build. She has shoulder-length black hair and emerald eyes resembling those of a cat. She tends to blush. She wears a collar to hide the grenade needle stuck in her throat that she uses to transform.

In her first appearance, she wore a loose shirt with a stylized drawing of a bell on the front and a backpack. When she went to school with Denji, she wore a simple white shirt and shorts. She wears an apron when she works at the Crossroads Cafe.

Reze Cosplay

Her transformation is that of an atomic bomb, most notably reminiscent of the Fat Man atomic bomb that exploded over Nagasaki. Their teeth are always visible and particularly sharp and angular. Bomb detonators cover their arms like sleeves. Along with dynamite sticks, it also forms part of her apron.

Her attire varies during her attempt to recover Denji. First, she is still wearing her normal clothes, then she undresses completely except for her dynamite apron and then puts on panties.

Reze initially appears to be a kind and gentle girl who develops a crush on Denji shortly after meeting, taking an interest in him at first sight and portrayed as somewhat enthusiastic, as shown when both Denji and she are in the cafe, in which they drink. drink something, they drink, you drink, it is incorporated. She is shown to laugh at his jokes and is not afraid to become close and intimate with him.

Reze is also a bit seductive and teases Denji on a few occasions such as when she had seen him force himself into a coffee and mocked him for showing a somewhat sympathetic side towards her as well as showing her concern that Denji would never have a child attend a school or remain in his current position.

It later turned out that this was just a facade to bring Denji closer; Even her seemingly true reactions, like blushing in his presence, were the result of the rigorous military training Reze underwent from an early age.

Despite her mission, Reze had shown mercy towards Denji, and by the end of the Bomb Girl arc, Reze missed her train to meet Denji again at the cafe and accept his offer to run away with him.

Despite her feigned crush on Denji, Reze reciprocated his feelings for her and felt that she was like him since they had both never gone to school. Despite using a more manipulative fighting style, she doesn't seem to enjoy killing or hurting others, preferring to avoid it unless it's necessary to her mission.

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