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Rin Okumura Cosplay

Rin Okumura Cosplay Costume

Dress like Rin Okumura From Blue Exorcist; Rin Okumura is the son of Satan and the older, twin brother of Yukio Okumura. Rin studies as an Exwire at the True Cross Academy and wants to become a knight master and defeat his birth father.

Rin Okumura Halloween Costume

Rin Okumura Halloween Costume

Rin has messy dark blue hair that falls on his pale skin and intense blue eyes. Since using Kurikara for the first time, Rin has displayed a number of physical characteristics that indicate his demonic nature in his human form, such as protruding canines, slightly pointed ears, and a long, black, furry tail.

In his demon form, Rin gains two horn-like blue flames that hover above his head, long elf-like ears and red slit pupils, while his iris remains deep blue. The blue flames also blaze elsewhere on his body, mainly at the tip of his tail and shoulders, as well as on his sword.

Rin Okumura Outfits

Before attending the True Cross Academy, Rin's wardrobe consisted of a plain blue hoodie over a pink t-shirt and black jeans with side chains that gave the impression of a rebellious nature. He was also seen in a white jacket with large pockets and various embellishments and a fingerless pair of black gloves. Because of the frequency of fights, Rin was seen with patches over his cheeks and fingers, wounds that were normally treated by Yukio.

About Rin Okumura From Blue Exorcist

In the True Cross Academy, Rin wears the school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, a loose tie, a black jacket and black trousers. He also wears his Kurikara sword in a red sleeve with a black neck strap. In class, you occasionally see him with bangs pinned so he can read his studies.

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