Rosaria Costume

Rosaria Costume

How To Dress Like Rosaria From Genshin Impact

Rosaria Halloween Costume

Rosaria Costume by Genshin Impact;

Rosaria is a tall adult female with ghostly pale gray skin. She has choppy wine-colored hair that is cut short at the back with some strands of her bangs dyed a darker red. Rosaria has pale magenta eyes with feline light pink irises and noticeable bags under the eyes. She almost always has a serious expression on her face.

Rosaria wears a close-fitting nun's habit consisting of a long white and black bonnet with red lining, a white sleeveless turtleneck top, long white gloves, and a long black and red slit skirt that partially reveals her right leg and fully reveals her left. She wears black belts around her left thigh, black fishnet tights, and silver high heels.

Rosaria's outfit is adorned with several silver and white gold accessories embedded with red gems.

Rosaria Cosplay

Rosaria Cosplay

Rosaria, a sister in the Favonius Church in Mondstadt.
A sister of the Church, though you wouldn't know it were it not for her clothes. An unusual woman with sharp, penetrating words and a cold demeanor.

She is a somewhat intimidating woman who has a rather unorthodox idea of ​​piety. Kaeya describes her as someone who is "honest with herself". She doesn't like topics that bore her and make her work overtime. Fischl overheard her cursing someone in Barbato's name and takes it as a sign of Rosaria's piety, an interpretation Oz doubts.


Halloween Rosaria Costume

Despite her position in the church, Rosaria is the least devout; She is always guaranteed to skip all church activities when possible and is the first to leave when forced to attend. While reciting prayers, due to her lack of devotion, she does not remember Barbatos' name and frequently mispronounces his name.

She secretly acts as an employee of the church, investigating potential threats to Mondstadt and eliminating them when necessary. She is particularly adept at killing, having been tutored by her former "family", a group of bandits before they were wiped out by the Knights of Favonius. Offered a chance at redemption by Varka, Rosaria sees herself differently from the people of Mondstadt and owes them a debt of gratitude for their selfless warmth and goodwill.

Like Fischl, her intuition is very sharp, as she is aware that Diluc, Kaeya, Venti, and Albedo are more than what they appear to be. While she enjoys alcohol and alcoholic food, she states that she has yet to get drunk.

If Rosaria was lectured once, she was lectured a thousand times about her unorthodox behavior. However, for some reason, she never expected serious consequences for her transgressions. She does not work with her church colleagues and rarely appears in town for ceremonial functions.

The strange and mysterious Rosaria moves almost like a puff of black smoke - blink and you'll miss her as she vanishes into thin air. Her social interactions are never more than superficial, and the rest of the time she keeps to herself. However, Sister Victoria would say that the always good-natured Barbara is a person who has always made an effort to get close to Rosaria.

Barbara constantly anxiously chases after Rosaria, urging her to go about her various daily chores. But even Rosaria remains completely unaffected by Barbara, Mondstadt's beloved idol.

Rosaria may not be one to attend prayer meetings, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her own theological views. For her, freedom is the spiritual pillar of the people of Mondstadt, and that is what drew her here in the first place.b Rosaria was born in a remote mountain village but was abducted from her homeland shortly after birth by the same bandits who soaked her in blood. Raised by these crooks, she learned to fight, sometimes steal, and sometimes do odd jobs for the crew.

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