Ruby Rose Costume

RWBY Ruby Rose Costume

Dress Like Ruby Rose From RWBY

Dress Like Ruby Rose From RWBY

Dress Like Ruby Rose From RWBY;

RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay Costume:  Ruby wears a couple of different outfits through·out the show. Her most famous outfits are The Vale outfit which consists of black long sleeve dress with red trim on the sleeves, a red cape, waist cincher with red lace up and The Mistral outfit which is quite similar to the vale outfit except white shirt and thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose.

Ruby Rose Weapon: Ruby's weapon's name is "Crescent Rose". It is a hybrid between scythe and a sniper rifle.

Ruby Rose Boots: To complete your Ruby Rose cosplay look don't forget to get her black & red lace up boots or black biker boots.

RWBY Ruby Cosplay

RWBY Ruby Cosplay

Ruby Rose is the main character of RWBY. She is a hunter who was trained at the now defunct Beacon Academy. Her preferred weapon is her high-caliber sniper scythe known as the Crescent Rose.

She first appeared in the "Red" trailer and visited her mother, Summer Rose's grave.

RWBY Ruby Halloween Costume

Ruby is a fair-skinned young girl with silver eyes and neck-length black hair with red tips. During her time at Beacon Academy, she wears a black long-sleeved blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, a black waist corset with red lacing in the front and a matching skirt with red lining. She also wears a pair of thick black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red trimmings, and red soles.

Her outfit is crowned by a red hooded cloak attached to her shoulders with cross-shaped pins. Her emblem appears as a large silver buckle on her wide black belt that is looped around her waist. A pouch and a number of balls are attached to her belt.

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