Runa Yomozuki Costume

Diy Runa Yomozuki Costume

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Runa Yumozuki Cosplay Costume

Runa Yumozuki Cosplay Costume

Dress like Runa Yumozuki from Kakegurui; Runa is a girl with a very small posture who looks quite young compared to other members of the student council. She has a fairly light complexion, long platinum blonde hair with short bangs, split in the middle of the forehead, and purple eyes. She wears an orange rabbit kigurumi over the uniform issued by the Hyakkaou Private Academy. a red blazer with a black border on the cuffs and collar, a white shirt with buttons, a dark pleated skirt, a tie and white and black striped stockings and the shoes of the academy, brown-colored loafers with black soles. She has light pink varnished fingernails and is often seen with various lollipops sticking out of her mouth.

Runa Yumozuki Halloween Costume

Runa Yumozuki Halloween Costume

Runa Yomozuki is a member of the student council. She is the chair of the election commission, which acts as a referee for election games.

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Runa is often seen with the president and manages things. Most of the time, she makes a strange remark or joke about the situation. She comes to Yumeko Jabami's gambling with Yuriko Nishinotouin with Kirari Momobami and Ririka Momobami. Runa notices how pale and creepy Yuriko looks. Runa also tells Mary about her life plan. The person she needs to marry is a dirty lolicon, but it could be worse. Then she laughs at Mary and tells her to practice pleasing a man.

She continues to play in the community room and is amused that Yumeko wants to play with Kirari. When Midari suddenly jumps up, she is afraid. After Kirari left school and the council was concerned, she told everyone that if she lost, Kirari would become a pet. She probably sent the torn fan letter to Yumeko so that Yumemi's career could be destroyed. Kaede wanted Yumemi to win so that the second years would be more powerful. Runa probably didn't want that and tried to design Kaede so that both were beaten at the same time. She probably did that in Kirari's interest too. She often calls Kirari (actually Ririka) and tells her how things are going at the academy.

During the concert, she explains how everything seems to be going according to plan, but everything could break down at any moment. When Kirari shows up as Vice President, she is surprised herself. She also acts as a dealer during the tarot game. When Mary realizes which card is the joker, Runa warns her not to take a look. Otherwise the game ends and Yumeko loses automatically. She also insults Itsuki after believing Kirari could cheat. After the game, Runa confiscates the card before the others can look at it and leaves it unknown. Later she calls Ririka and tells her about the latest events.

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