Ryuk Costume

Ryuk Costume

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Ryuk Halloween Costume

Ryuk Costume

Dress like Ryuk from Death Note; Ryuk costume consists of a black long sleeve t-shirt, black pants, black wig, belt, bracelet, and rings, to complete your Death Note Ryuk cosplay look don't forget to get black boots and black gloves and Death Note notebook as well.

Dress Like Ryuk From Death Note

Ryuk Halloween Costume Tutorial

Ryuk is a Shinigami who indirectly gives a Death Note to the Light Yagami after being bored from the Shinigami Area. He stole a second Death Note to entertain himself and dropped him into the Human World to find him. This Death Note was discovered by the Light who used it to save the world of evil and injustice, and fulfilled Ryuk's need for entertainment.

Ryuk Cosplay

Ryuk is as scary and charming as he can be, and especially admired by the world of cosplay. Now you can become Ryuk with the help of Costumeralm.com . This Halloween is reviewing all the makeup and accessories you need to become Ryuk.

Ryuk looks quite humanoid. It is extremely thin and has a dark black, almost blue-colored, light gray skin; thin, blue-gray lips; and sharp, pointed teeth. The limbs are abnormally long and put rings on their fingers. It has large, round yellow eyes with bright red irises and retractable feather-like wings that allow it to fly on its back.

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