Sailor Mercury Costume

Sailor Mercury Costume

You need the following items for your Sailor Mercury Halloween costume:

  1. Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume
  2. Gold Glitter Star Sticker ( Fix on Choker)
  3. Blue Velvet Choker
  4. Sailor Mercury Wig
  5. Blue Stud Earrings
  6. Sailor Mercury Boots

Dress Like Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon

Dress Like Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon

Dress Like Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon;

Sailor Mercury Sailor Outfit: Sailor Mercury's outfit consists of flared mini skirt, sleeveless shite shirt with big blue ribbons on breast, white gloves and gold headpiece.

Sailor Mercury Wig: She has short blue hair.

Sailor Mercury Boots: Sailor Mercury wears blue boots that matches her outfit perfectly.

Sailor Mercury Accessories: To complete your Sailor Mercury costume don't forget to get blue stud earrings and blue choker with star emblem on.

Sailor Mercury Halloween Costume

Sailor Moon Costume

Ami Mizuno (水 野 亜 美) is one of the 5 original Inner Sailor Guardians of the solar system and was introduced as the 2nd Sailor Guardian. Your sailor's guardian identity is Sailor Mercury (セ ー ラ ー マ ー キ キ ュ ュ). Their powers are based on water and ice as well as on intelligence and computers.

Sailor Mercury Cosplay

As Sailor Mercury, she maintains her bourgeois appearance but wears a gold tiara on her forehead with a blue gem on the front. The dominant color of Sailor Mercury is blue as her Sailor Senshi shape comes in a variety of shades of blue. Her sailor's uniform is blue with two white stripes to match her blue skirt and knee-length boots. Both the front and back arches are light blue and have a blue brooch on the front arch. She wears blue stud earrings on both ears. Her knee-length boots are similar to both Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto.

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