Sanemi Shinazugawa Costume

Diy Sanemi Shinazugawa Costume

Diy Sanemi Shinazugawa Costume Items

Demon Slayer Sanemi Shinazugawa Cosplay

Demon Slayer Sanemi Shinazugawa Cosplay

Dress like Sanemi Shinazugawa from Demon Slayer; Sanemi is a tall, muscular and thin man with spiky white hair and big eyes. His face and body are covered with scars that have been accrued from demons who he have fought for years. He cuts his hair  short in a place between Functional Improvement Training Arc and Devil Train Arc.

Demon Slayer Sanemi Halloween Costume

Demon Slayer Sanemi Halloween Costume

Sanemi Shinazugawa is a demon slayer and the wind pillar of the demon killer corps. He is also the older brother of Genya Shinazugawa. Sanemi is aggressive, hot-blooded and persistent, often impulsive and quick to beat. The only person he worshiped was Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and only after he realized that the man was much more than his appearance suggested.

About Sanemi hinazugawa From Demon Slayer

Sanemi's cold, rude, dismissive behavior is the result of the loss of too many people he has cared for in the past. When Genya joins the demon killers in search of Sanemi, Sanemi hurls verbal abuse against him, but Tanjiro Kamado can say that Sanemi didn't really hate him. and in fact he still carried the same brotherly love that he had in childhood. However, this was never expressed externally when he tried to keep Genya away from himself and the Demon Slayers so that he was not in danger.

Because of all that he has lost to demons, he has a deep hatred of demons and is convinced that humans and demons can never coexist. If Sanemi decides on something, it is extremely difficult to get him out of it - he does not believe Tanjiro insists that Nezuko Kamado does not eat people and tries to prove his own point of view by pricking the box with Nezuko in it , After raping her, he hits his arm to get her to attack him. Even after she doesn't and Kagaya uses this as evidence that Nezuko is not attacking people, Sanemi doesn't really accept the Kamado siblings.

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