Sasaki Shuumei Outfits Still 5

Sasaki Shuumei Outfits

How To Dress Like Sasaki From Sasaki To Miyano

Sasaki Shuumei - Sasaki to Miyano Cosplay

Dress Like Sasaki Shuumei From Sasaki To Miyano;

Sasaki Costume: White long sleeve shirt, short orange fluffy layered still wigs, deep blue one button solid jacket vest pants, camel heather cardigan sweater, white V-neck button cardigan still sweater, red t-shirt

Sasaki Accessories: Solid color skinny black tie, grey sprinter sneaker, white blue stripe court sneaker sports shoe, webbing strap navy white belt, laptop cotton canvas blue navy bag, piercing earrings, white satin ribbon, black headphone

Sasaki Shuumei Cosplay

Sasaki Shuumei - Sasaki to Miyano Haloween Costume

He has tall and of normal build with orange hair. He also has many piercings. You can start by wearing a red t-shirt to look stylish like Sasaki. You wear the pants of your quality navy blue suit and your white long-sleeved shirt. You can add style to your look by wearing piercings and earrings like Sasaki. He has four piercings in the left ear and two piercings in the right ear. 

He wears a shirt inside his uniform. He wears a cardigan in the winter. Sasaki can sometimes wear a tie, yellow or white cardigan, depending on his mood. You can also choose one of the cardigans numbered 9 or 10. I like the yellow cardigan more. He keeps a headset for listening to music at every opportunity. You can choose between numbers 5 and 6 as shoes. Do not forget the striped belt. You can use the white stripe ribbon number 13 if we want a suit jacket that fits perfectly with Sasaki. You use an orange and messy wig. Do not forget to go out take your handbags.

Sasaki Shuumei Halloween Costume

Sasaki Shuumei is one of main characters of Sasaki and Miyano. Sasaki is Miyano's high school gradue student. He got to meet to manga through Miyano. His friends know him as a bad boy. But he is affectionate towards Miyano. He enjoys spending time with him.

Sasaki is introduced as a bright and cheerful, if troublesome, upperclassman; however, this is not quite right. He can be acting rash and impulsive or speaking without thinking of the consequences. Sasaki is sometimes of a loner, though he does have some friends. He is ordinarily gloomy and quiet, in the past together with his family or when he is alone. He is often repeating the phrase "it's annoying." So his personality shifts quite on who he is with together. He tends to be blunter with other people, while with Miyano he tries to soften his speech. Sasaki's relationship with Miyano is the most important of the series.

Other Outfits Worn By Sasaki to Miyano

Miyano Yoshikazu - Sasaki to Miyano Outfits
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