Dress Like Shadman

Shadman Costume


Born in Switzerland, Shadman ( Shaddai Prejean) aka Shadbase never learned how to draw properly. He was interested in video games and wanted to make his own design. F + F Art and Media Design in Zurich After his dismissal from Zurich, he joined the Shaddai army, showing his risky drawing in his portfolio and posing a threat to society, because he was in Switzerland to do military and graphic design work for penguins.

He then moved to Canada, where he re-established his web site, shadbase, as a webcomic site, which caused him a lot of hatred for his art and content. Overtime continued to attract what Shaddai has done in the past and to be better, leading to a large fan base. He currently lives in Burbank, California.

Shadman Costume Guide

Dress Like Shadman

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