Shoyo Hinata Costume

Shoyo Hinata Costume

Haikyu!! Cosplay Ideas

How To Dress Like Shoyo Hinata From HAIKYU!!

Shoyo Hinata Halloween Costume

Dress like Shoyo Hinata from HAIKYU!!;

Shoyo Hinata has unruly orange hair and brown eyes. Hinata usually wears his Karasuno school uniform with a black jacket and black pants. Under his jacket is a beige or tan sweater. In the first episode, he wore the Yukigaoka Junior High green volleyball uniform.

During games, Hinata wears his volleyball uniform - a black jersey and matching shorts with white and orange stripes down the sides. On the back of his jersey is his position number 10 and the name of his school is written in kanji. On the court, he wears knee pads and white volleyball shoes with red accents.

Shoyo Hinata Cosplay

Shoyo Hinata Cosplay

Hinata has a cheerful and energetic personality. He is easily excitable and can be quite vocal, a trait surpassed only by Nishinoya and Tanaka. For the most part, Hinata is very simple-minded, which sometimes causes him to make hasty decisions. However, he is also very observant. He is able to read social cues and is incredibly empathetic to the struggles of others. As such, he often says exactly what others need to hear to nudge them in the right direction. He's also considered a natural schmoozer, a trait his teammates occasionally use to win someone over. Like when Nishinoya agreed to help with Hinata's reception after being flattered since freshman year. His friendly and no-nonsense personality allows him to befriend even the quietest of people like Kenma from Nekoma High and Aone from Date Tech High.

Shoyo Hinata Sportswear

However, despite his generally bubbly exterior, Hinata also displays a serious attitude, especially when it comes to volleyball. His intense love of the sport is evident in his impressive tenacity, which stems from his constant desire to improve his skills. As noted by Sugawara, Hinata plays with great fortitude in the face of adversity and thus does not give up easily during a match. Hinata can also show a very intimidating facial expression when people underestimate him or speak badly of his team. Despite this, Hinata is easily frightened, especially in front of bigger and stronger opponents. This causes him to develop a habit of hiding behind his closest teammate. However, he quickly recovers before confidently challenging his opponents.

Initially, Hinata gets easily annoyed with his lack of experience before a game. He gets so nervous that he gets an upset stomach or has to go to the bathroom all the time. He also becomes clumsy as he would mess up his spikes or get pregnant. Before Karasuno's first practice match against Aoba Johsai High, Hinata is so shaken he mistook Daichi and Kiyoko's attempts to comfort him for more pressure and short-circuiting. He only recovers after royally screwing it up and driving a serve to the back of Kageyama's head. Over time, Hinata gets better at handling the pressure. Although Hinata is still faint-hearted, she reacts significantly less violently and is still able to perform well in games.

Like Kageyama, Hinata does poorly in school as he also tries his hand at volleyball. He once told Sugawara that since entering high school he has not scored double digits on any of his tests.

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