Thena Costume

Thena Costume

You need the following items for your Thena from Eternals Halloween costume:

  1. Eternals Thena Cosplay Costume
  2. Straight Blonde Wig
  3. White Sclera Colored Contacts
  4. Gold Go-Go Boots


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How To Dress Like Thena From Eternals

Thena Cosplay

Dress like Thena from Eternals;

Thena's Outfit: As the Eternals version of Goddess Athena, she wears a silvery gold bodysuit with gold shoulder pads, motifs on the chest, and legs. She completes her outfit with a skirt that leaves her sides uncovered. She also wears a gold headpiece.

Thena's Hair and Eyes: Thena has golden blonde hair and blue eyes. We see her eyes go full white in at least one scene.

Eternals Thena Halloween Costume

Thena Halloween Costume

Thena is a warrior of Eternals. She was expelled from the team along with her de facto partner Gilgamesh for suffering from Mahd Wy'ry disease.

After being built and programmed by Arishem, Thena and the rest of the Eternals were sent to Earth on the Domo. Upon awakening, the Eternals were provided with suits that they could wear before they arrived on the planet. Thena, one of the main fighters of the Eternals, first landed on Earth to fight the Deviants. Thena fought alongside Gilgamesh and used her powers to defeat one of the creatures. When the deviants who attacked the humans were defeated, the Eternals presented themselves to the race they were supposed to protect.

Thena Cosplay

Thena is very calm and relaxed and dedicates herself to her role as a warrior of the Eternals. During her time in Babylon, she was reluctant to connect or interact with people, telling Ikaris that she refused to hide behind walls in her struggle against the deviants. She did not attend the celebrations, but held back and spent time to herself. Nevertheless, she is very committed to protecting people from deviants. Thena appears stoic, speaks in a calm, calming voice, and rarely shows any signs of sadness, excitement, or anger. However, she often appeared vulnerable during her battles with Mahd Wy'ry. When faced with the possibility of losing her memories, she was visibly distressed and scared. Despite her stoic nature, she is a person at heart who cares deeply and develops a special bond with her eternal Gilgamesh colleagues and ultimately with humanity. True to her warlike nature, she is also fearless and relentless and enjoys her skills in fighting the deviants.

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