Tobio Kageyama Costume

Tobio Kageyama Costume

Haikyu!! Cosplay Ideas

How To Dress Like Tobio Kageyama From HAIKYU!!

Tobio Kageyama Cosplay Costume

Dress like Tobio Kageyama from HAIKYU!!;

Kageyama is lean but muscular in build. He often exudes an intimidating aura, which is accentuated by the almost permanent scowl on his face. His black hair is cropped short, with bangs hanging just above his dark blue eyes. His typical attire consists of either his school uniform or his practice clothes.

After the time skip, Kageyama has grown to 188 cm. His hair is now parted in the middle, similar to how Kunimi had it. Kageyama now has short bangs that end just above his eyebrows.

Tobio Kageyama Cosplay

Tobio Kageyama Cosplay

Always sullen, arrogant, and undeniably short-tempered, Kageyama originally came across as the typical overbearing perfectionist who only cared about victory and had an utter disregard for the opinions and well-being of his teammates. His habit of complaining about their performance and barking orders at them eventually led to the other Kitagawa Daiichi players calling him "King of the Court," a constant reminder of the suppressive, self-centered attitude he maintained throughout his volleyball career as a Junior had high.

Tobio Kageyama Sportswear

Unnoticed by most of his classmates and acquaintances, however, he is far more sensitive and childlike than he appears; he just doesn't know how to control his frustration and thus expresses his thoughts and feelings in inappropriate ways. After everyone in Kitagawa Daiichi got fed up with him and left his side, Kageyama was filled with sincere regret and developed an intense fear of being despised and distrusted, but refused to speak openly about his problem until Tsukishima confronted him about it.

Despite his inability to properly socialize, he genuinely wants to do his best and is extremely passionate and involved when it comes to volleyball, to the point that he complains about almost every successful move he makes using Hinata's power, overly concerned.

Since joining Karasuno, he has become more respectful and tolerant of students whose abilities and/or views differ from his own, and has regained the importance of teamwork and mutual trust in a sport that he values so much. In addition, this has also helped him regain his confidence as a setter. He has also realized that he is not responsible for the court and has learned to cede control to Hinata and other Spikers.

During high school he still gets extremely angry when addressed by his nickname "King of the Court", but by the last arc, he had greatly changed his attitude towards the nickname.

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