Tyler Down Outfits

Tyler Down Outfits

13 Reasons Why Tyler Outfits

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Dress Like Tyler Down From 13 Reasons Why

Dress Like Tyler Down From 13 Reasons Why

Dress Like Tyler Down From 13 Reasons Why;

Tyler Down Shirt: Tyler wears simply. He prefers simple shirts and t-shirts.

Tyler Down Watch: A timex with brown straps is a good and affordable match.

Tyler Down Camera: As the photograhper of the school he takes his duty very seriously. He uses an olympus camera which unfortunatelly quite expensive for non professionals.


13 Reasons Why Tyler Costume

13 Reasons Why Tyler Costume

Tyler Down is a protagonist in 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Devin Druid.

Tyler is the student photographer of Liberty High. He is the subject of "Tape 2, Side B", where he was responsible for photographing Hannah and distributing her and Courtney's kiss photos at school, which ultimately ended Courtney and Hannah's friendship.

13 Reasons Why Tyler Fashion Style

Tyler is tall, lanky and pale. He has curly brown hair and dresses very simply, usually wearing jeans, a shirt and a jacket. Because of his duties with the yearbook, he carries a camera with him everywhere.

About Tyler Down From 13 Reasons Why

Tyler is shown to a socially awkward, loveless, malicious, and selfish person. As a dedicated photographer, he doesn't seem to care about people's privacy at all and is constantly chasing people and taking photos behind their backs. That's why most people at Liberty High despise him. It was shown that he had a crush on Hannah Baker, even though he was too shy to tell her personally. When he saw her for the first time, he asked her to do a photo shoot with her after she asked him to take a photo of her, and saw that he asked a group of girls and they rejected him hard. It gave him a chance because no one else was beaming. After the picture of her was sent through school, Tyler inadvertently and accidentally said the wrong thing, she refused and he followed you for days just to get photos of her that totally frightened her.

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