Dress Like Academy Agnes from Umbrella

Umbrella Academy Agnes Costume


Matching Costume For Couples

Agnes and Hazel

The Umbrella Academy Hazel Costume

Hazel and Agnes are currently in a romantic relationship. Agnes left her job at Griddy's Donuts to travel with him to the countryside.

Agnes Rofa mostly known as just Agnes is a former employee of Griddy's Donuts and Hazel's current love interest.

She works for at Griddy's Donuts as a waitress and baker . In her free time she likes to watch birds. Her dream is to eventually save enough money to quit their job, move to the countryside and open a vegetable garden and a bakery there.

Umbrella Academy Agnes Outfits

Dress like Agnes from The Umbrella Academy; Agnes costume consists of  a wool overcoat, pink waitress costume, pink visor cap and suede low heel shoes. To complete your Agnes look don't forget the fake donut and glass coffee server

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