Venti Costume

Venti Costume

How To Dress Like Venti From Genshin Impact

Venti Halloween Costume

Venti Costume by Genshin Impact;

He appears as a young man with fair skin and a slim build. Similar to the Anemo element, his eyes are aqua green, which also resembles the sky and grass. He has dark blue hair that borders on black with short double braids that fade to aqua at the ends. The water spikes glow neon when he uses his skills.

The form he currently takes is modeled after a deceased friend who perished during the liberation of Old Mondstadt. This appearance is used for his statues of the Seven around Mondstadt and the larger statue in the square in front of Favonius Cathedral.


Venti Cosplay

Venti Cosplay

Venti costume consists of many accessories. He wears a white ruffled top with a leather corset-like midsection, teal shorts with gold embroidery, and a matching teal cape tied with a deep blue and gold bow. He also wears white stockings with three gold diamonds on each leg and a beret-like hat with Cecilia, his favorite flower.

He carries a wooden lyre. This wooden lyre is also called "The Source" and is the current lyre he carries as his other lyre "The Heaven" is held by the Church. An Archon with innate gnosis, the "vision" at his waist is no more than "a crystal ball he carries around to avoid suspicion". His outfit, Breezy Ode, is described as a carefree bard's outfit.

Halloween Venti Costume

Venti has a somewhat unruly, light-hearted, and playful manner, as well as a penchant for rhyming in his language. He sees a special value in music, so he gives his lyre a name, saying, "Every being deserves a name, to be invoked and woven into a song." He is also brave and not afraid to offend or ignore those deemed powerful. In the game, he responds to Paimon's comments and nicknames by parroting them.

Venti enjoys roaming around Mondstadt, performing songs for his people, most of whom are unaware of his true identity as Barbatos. He is very popular due to his musical talent, having won the title of Mondstadt's most popular bard three times.

He is also an avid drinker of alcoholic beverages such as dandelion wine and has an unusually high alcohol tolerance. He's also okay with apple cider. To his disdain, the form he takes causes most bartenders to mistake him for a minor.

As a god who is generally absent for long periods of time, Venti has no personal finances; He often resorts to stealing groceries from the Dawn Winery and shamelessly allows people listening to his songs to buy him drinks instead of paying for them. For reasons unknown, he is fatally allergic to cats and will not perform unless he is certain there are none around.

He also likes apples, considering them the fruit of the gods, and jokingly states that he would refuse to go to Celestia even if invited because their apples are bland and the water is putrid, which would make a bad cider. Sticky and slimy, like cheese, he doesn't like.

Despite his usually playful personality as a Bard Venti, he speaks wisely and somewhat philosophically when embracing his true identity due to the many experiences he had as one of the original members of The Seven. Compared to Zhongli, the mortal vessel of Morax, Venti doesn't mind revealing his identity and using his powers for various tasks.

For all his cheerfulness and wisdom, Venti hides a lonely soul that millennia later still harbors strong feelings at the loss of the bard, whose form he mimics, even comparing himself to "Stanley"; both took the name and form of their late friend, and it is also implied in his story quest that his alcoholism is to help cope with his loss.

Venti also confesses that he finds the Traveler's ability to discern what he is thinking distasteful, but admits that he appreciates having a true friend when he sees the Bard.

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