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Diy Veronica Lodge Costume

Diy Veronica Lodge Costume Items

Riverdale Veronica Costume

Riverdale Veronica Costume

Dress like Veronica Lodge From Riverdale; Veronica is an olive-skinned, young Latina woman with straight, medium-long, shiny, deep black hair, large, expressive brown eyes, a slim but lush figure and long legs. Despite her family's recent misfortune, in which her father was arrested and everything she owned taken away, Veronica managed to keep her chic and luxurious wardrobe going, ranging from elegant and expensive clothes to Louboutin heels.

Riverdale Veronica Outfits

Riverdale Veronica Outfits

Veronica Cecilia Lodge (formerly Luna) is a main character in the Riverdale of the CW. It is portrayed by Camila Mendes.

Veronica is a student at Riverdale High School. She is also the leader of the band Veronica and the Pussycats and a member of the River Vixens. She moved from New York to her mother's hometown in Riverdale because the father had arrested and detained her.

Veronica Lodge Outfits

She struggles to find the truth behind her father's loyalties and intentions, and fears what will happen if he is released from prison and returns home with them. In the meantime, she is trying to develop into a better person. She's in a relationship with Archie Andrews, but the couple had canceled it a few times, but in the end it kept coming back. During her second and longest breakup, she had a short relationship with Reggie, while Archie and Josie made a short date.

Since Mr. Andrews was shot, Veronica has considered her parents to be the main suspect. She considers both her mother and father to be criminals based on her previous experience with both. They accused her of hiring Fred for refusing to sell his shares in the company at Hermione's request. With her parents' discovery of Pops Chock'lit Shoppe's secret purchase, Veronica convinced her to take a more active role in Lodge Industries.

Not long after she was accepted into her father's inner circle, Veronica would soon realize the truth about his real intentions for Riverdale and how he did business. His actions later affected how people looked at Veronica when she lied to many of them. Veronica was determined to make up for her father's injustice and tried to stop the Southside's monopoly. She bought the Whyte Wyrm and later made a deal with her father for the Chock'lit Shoppe. Hiram agreed to the exchange, but also relieved Veronica of all her obligations related to Lodge Industries and completely prevented her from using his money.

She is currently the proud new owner of the Chock'lit shop and founder of La Bonne Nuit.

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