Xiao Costume

Xiao Costume

You need the following items for your Halloween Xiao costume:

  1. Xiao Cosplay Costume
  2. Xiao Cosplay Boots
  3. Xiao Cosplay Wig
  4. Xiao Cosplay Spear

How To Dress Like Xiao From Genshin Impact

Xiao Cosplay

Xiao Costume by Genshin Impact;

Xiao has dark, medium-length hair with teal undertones that is slicked back in front of his ears. He has two longer curls that frame his face. He has pale skin and golden irises with bird's pupils and wears red eyeshadow similar to Zhongli and Cloud retainer. Xiao also has a purple diamond mark on his forehead and a green tattoo around his right arm.

He dresses in a white sleeveless shirt with subtle cloud patterns. It has a high black collar with gold accents, the left side of which extends further to cover his shoulder. He wears wide dark purple trousers and dark purple boots over them. Xiao has black and teal gloves with gold decals and a necklace.

Xiao Cosplay

Xiao Halloween Costume

Xiao costume consists of many accessories. Around Xiao's left arm, Xiao wears a white and gold sleeve with a red lining. He notably carries an anemo vision on his left gauntlet and usually wears his yaksha mask on the back of his right hip.

Xiao's original form as an enlightened animal may be related to the Vedic deity Garuda, one of Xiao's character inspirations. Xiao is also known as the King with the Golden Wings, his namesake Alatus, although this form is yet to be seen in the game. His arm tattoo is meant to reflect his true form and it is the rough silhouette of an upside-down bird. His outfit, Endurer of Eons, is described as classic battle attire, fit for a thousand years of fighting evil.

Halloween Xiao Costume

Xiao is a Yaksha who fought in the Archon War and has high seniority among the Adepts. He doesn't want sympathy for his past, believing that his fellow yakshas would also find it offensive.

He is immensely grateful to Morax for rescuing him and devoting his life to protecting Liyue in payment. He does not take lightly those who speak ill of the Geo-Archon, no matter who they are. Despite suffering from constant karmic debt, Xiao is highly resilient to his seductive corruption as his fellow yaksha either succumbed to her or died. Because of this guilt, he prefers to be alone and rarely interferes in mortal affairs; on the few occasions he has to, he asks her to get to the point for her own sake.

Xiao is unfamiliar with many human customs and societal norms, often finding them strange, childish, or pointless. To others, he can appear distant and intimidating. After meeting the Traveler, he becomes a little more relaxed and, despite his reservations about mortal life, ready to learn the customs and visit Liyue Harbor with them. He also proves to be a strict but effective teacher when acting as a mentor figure for Ganyu, but he believes that as a soul-destroying yaksha, he is not a suitable teacher for her.

Unlike most Adepts, Xiao dislikes most human foods, although he makes exceptions with almond tofu and later grilled tiger fish, the former reminding him of the dreams he used to consume and the latter to honor Pervases' memory.

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