Xinyan Costume

Xinyan Costume

How To Dress Like Xinyan From Genshin Impact

Xinyan Halloween Costume

Xinyan Costume by Genshin Impact;

Xinyan has dark skin, amber eyes, and dark brown hair that she wears in a bun with spiky ties. A curl at the front of her hair has a dark red streak, and in her buns, the bottom ends of some curls are bright orange.

Xinyan costume consists of many accessories. Xinyan wears a black and tan tank top with a tie and white shorts, and a red and white vest with flared sleeves in red, black, and white. She has a black and red band around her right leg and a fishnet sock on her left. Xinyan typically wears a white, brown, and red square ruan with an axe-like bottom. Her outfit, Ardent Soul, is described as a rocker's spiked stage costume.

Xinyan Cosplay

Xinyan Cosplay

Xinyan is a rock 'n' roll fan and returned to Liyue to spread it across the country. Although she struggles to improve her reputation for many reasons, she persists and continues to perform and appreciates everyone who comes to her performances. She has no formal training in her music, she is self-taught. As such, she is very supportive of others who show interest, even if they have no experience.

Her Pyro Vision gives her a fiery personality. She likes to stand out in her own way, but many find her weird and/or scary because of this. Although she is aware of this, her attempts to make herself more presentable to them fail.


Halloween Xinyan Costume

He does not adhere to traditional performance norms at all. Anything can be used as her instrument. The pillars on the stage, the floorboards, the cheers and screams of the audience, and even the explosions and sparks created by her vision are valid brushes with which she paints her performance.

The improvised stage often begins to burn somewhere in the middle of the performance, until only a smoking pile of charcoal remains. Eventually, after many warnings, the Millelith were forced to step up their patrols and find ways to prevent Xinyan from staging their performances.

The mental struggles that followed were largely in Xinyan's favor - she would often find a venue, set up a stage with frightening speed, and embark on a hilarious evening with her audience. The more reliable testimony on the streets is that many of the patrolling Millelith were caught up in the spirit of rock 'n' roll themselves and became its staunch fans in the process. Xinyan would get wind of the latest Millelith patrol plans from these "friends of the rock" and easily avoid their gaze.

Tired of the lack of results and evidence that someone had been harmed during Xinyan's performances, the Millelith decided to act on the basis of "one eye open, one eye closed".

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