Yanfei Costume

Yanfei Costume

You need the following items for your Yanfei halloween costume:

  1. Yanfei Cosplay Costume
  2. Yanfei Cosplay Wig
  3. Yanfei Steelyard
  4. Yanfei Cosplay Boots
  5. Green Cosplay Eyes


Yanfei is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact.

One of the few semi-enlightened beasts who didn't sign a contract with Rex Lapis, Yanfei still works for Liyue's improvement as a top-notch legal advisor who values fairness.

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How To Dress Like Yanfei From Genshin Impact

Yanfei Cosplay

Dress like Yanfei from Genshin Impact;

Yanfei is a young woman with pale complexion and bright blue-green eyes with ovoid pupils. She has salmon colored hair that flows down her shoulders and fades to a pale peach at the tips. The hair on the sides of her head is trimmed in fringes to ear length and displays cream colored antlers indicative of her aeptic heritage. In addition, the sides of their chest, knuckles, and backs of their hands have white diamond-shaped markings resembling scales.

Her outfit features a backless cropped bodice in burgundy and black with gold accents, a white shawl collar with burgundy accents, and a pair of contrasting long white puff sleeves with black cuffs, each with a large white pompom attached. She wears a large, dark red xiezhi hat accented with black and gold. Her collar and hat are both adorned with golden tongbao-shaped buttons.

Yanfei Cosplay

Yanfei Halloween Costume

She also wears a short dark red skirt lined with gold swirls resembling clouds and secured with a yellow ribbon tied in a bow at her left hip, over a pair of black shorts with uneven lace trimmings. Her footwear consists of a pair of red and gold boots with white fluffy lining and gold heels and soles.

She carries a thick book attached with two leather straps to her right hip where her vision is attached. She also carries a large Steel Court decorated with Adeptus elements. Her outfit, Golden Rule, is described as a dress that Yanfei wears when visiting clients.

Yanfei Halloween Costume

Yanfei likes to read a lot and is well informed on many topics - especially in the legal field due to her career as a legal advisor. With a keen sense of justice, Yanfei doesn't mind traveling to help her clients should they encounter difficulties in different parts of Liyue. She claims to have extensive knowledge of the laws of the other nations in Teyvat - although she finds Fontaine's law the most difficult.

Known among Liyue residents for her knowledge, she is considered Liyue's leading legal advisor, a title that has garnered her many clients across the country. Even Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, explains that Yanfei's memorization of the laws allows her to close loopholes in existing laws faster than she could have done on her own.

When resolving disputes, Yanfei always obtains all legal evidence in advance in order to argue convincingly and persuasively. While she can handle any case, she dislikes having to deal with civil litigation. Like many others in Liyue, Yanfei appreciates the importance of contracts, although she values them above average given the nature of her job.

Despite having the blood of an adept in her veins, Yanfei doesn't worry too much about her heritage as an adept and is one of the few who didn't sign a contract with Rex Lapis, being born in an era of peace. She is very active and often talks a lot, a stark contrast to her father, whom Madame Ping knew to be more serious. Yanfei spends her time like an average human, and unlike most adepts, Yanfei by no means considers herself above mortals.

Despite her playful nature, Yanfei takes her work seriously and practically, making sure that she and all parties involved in a case are well considered. She's also willing to do pro bono work as long as she doesn't have to be deeply involved. Yanfei dreams of a day when people will live honest and happy lives and legal counsel will no longer be needed. Should that day ever come, Yanfei plans to be a rapper.

Yanfei values tofu for its versatility and availability. She dislikes cold food and rarely eats it since her father told her that food is best served hot.

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