Yaoyao Costume

Yaoyao Costume

You need the following items for your Yaoyao halloween costume:

  1. YaoYao Cosplay Wig
  2. Yaoyao Cosplay Costume
  3. Yaoyao Cosplay Boots
  4. Fireball Eyes


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How To Dress Like Yaoyao From Genshin Impact

Yaoyao Cosplay

Dress like Yaoyao from Genshin Impact;

Yaoyao is a fair-skinned girl with pale dark red eyes and short, braided, golden-brown hair tied in a bow at the top. Her face is evenly framed by a set of neat bangs with a pair of gold flower-shaped bobby pins. Her hair is tied in two small buns held together by a set of oversized gold bells.

Yaoyao wears a yellow-green coat with puff sleeves fastened around the wrists with orange bows. She wears this over a dark brown collared and belted tunic and a short pleated skirt with ruffles adorned with golden flowers.

She has a large orange pouch with a large tassel around her waist just above her skirt, decorated with an emblem resembling that of a flower. Yaoyao wears white bloomers and a dark suit underneath, along with a pair of orange and white boots. Yaoyao usually carries an oversized basket slung over her shoulder, to which her dendro vision is attached with a red ribbon knot.

Yaoyao Cosplay

Yaoyao Halloween Costume

Whenever the Crux is restocking in Liyue Harbor, she often hops on board to play with them until they set sail. However, this has also caused problems as someone at the Ministry of Civil Affairs has tasked Ganyu with making sure she doesn't sneak onto their ship. She has also developed a fondness for seafood and neglects fruits and vegetables in her diet.”

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