Yor Forger Costume

Yor Forger Costume

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Blue Outfit

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Red Outfit

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Striped Outfit

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Pink Dress Costume

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Pink Dress Costume

You need the following items for your Anya Forger Halloween costume pink dress:

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Skirt Dress Outfit

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Skirt Dress Outfit

You need the following items for your Anya Forger Halloween costume skirt dress outfit:

Anya Forger SPY x FAMILY Outfits
Loid Forger SPY x FAMILY Outfit

How To Dress Like Yor Forger From SPY x FAMILY

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Halloween Costume

Dress like Yor Forger from SPY x FAMILY;

Yor Forger Costumes: #1 Yor Forger uniform full set, #3 SPY×FAMILY Yor costume.

Yor Forger Jewelry & Accessories: #2 Yor Forger necklace earring, #4 Yor Forger prop headwear, #5 Yor Forger weapon earring.

Yor Forger Wig: #6 Black wig.

Yor Forger Boot: #7 leather stiletto over the knee boot.

Yor Forger Halloween Costume

Yor Forger SPY x FAMILY Cosplay

Yor is a tall young woman, with long black hair, and upturned red eyes. She divides her hair in half and crosses it over her head, secures it with a headband, and forms two thick strands of hair that reach below her chest. When her hair is down she lacks the usual two thick strands of hair and her hair reaches about mid-back.

Yor typically wears a backless red off-the-shoulder sweater with black tights, a red skirt, and brown-heeled ankle boots. She wears a white headband and a pair of dangling gold earrings in the shape of small spikes. When she goes outside, she wears a long beige coat with black buttons over her clothes.

She wears the standard work uniform, consisting of a white long-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless green vest over it, a knee-length green office skirt, and black heels.

Yor is an assassin. Yor wears a fitted black halter neck dress that shows off her shoulders and cleavage, with a rose choker and a red rose pattern on the inside of her skirt. The front of the skirt is mid-thigh length while the back of the skirt falls below her knees. She also wears a pair of black thigh-high boots and black fingerless gloves. The headband she wears is gold in color with a rose and two spikes on each side. Their weapons are also the same color. This is her only good dress before marrying Loid, after which she buys more formal clothes to better present herself to Eden.

Yor Forger Cosplay

Lacking social skills, she initially comes across as a somewhat aloof person who interacts minimally with her peers and is fairly outspoken, described by Camilla as a robot. Likewise, Yor is remarkably collected and able to maintain his composure in the midst of combat.

Yor is a really friendly person with a strong mother and big sister instincts. After becoming family with Loid and Anya, Yor becomes more expressive and opens up to her peers, asking for help in becoming a better wife or with cooking. She is protective of her fake family, especially towards Anya, whom she easily defends with extreme violence.

Having spent most of her life as an assassin, Yor's mindsets are often very different. She frequently tends to solve problems through murder, e.g. B. contemplating killing everyone at Camilla's party after she threatened to tell Yor's brother she came without an appointment and murdering the parents of an Eden Academy applicant so Anya can secure a place. As such, she has an affinity for guns, fascinated by a painting depicting a guillotine and table knife.

In a complete quirk, Yor is extremely gullible and easily fooled by the ridiculous lies Loid tells her to hide his identity. Despite her intelligence and competence, Yor has a bewildering lack of common sense and asks Camilla if boogers make the coffee taste better in response to her suggestion that they put one in their manager's coffee. On another occasion, she answered Loid's question about passing an exam by talking about the causes of death, having misinterpreted passing death.

Yor is shown to be insecure about herself and her abilities, believing that she is good at nothing except killing or cleaning and constantly worrying that she is not a good wife or mother. After the Eden Academy interview, she tries to be more of a normal mom to Anya by trying to cook and asking Camilla for cooking classes.

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