Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume

You need the following items for your Yoru Halloween Costume:

Unlike other Fiends, it proves to be cunning and intelligent, as it left Asa's brain intact to blend in with human society and was able to infer that Chainsaw Man's host is a high school student.

Cosplay Yoru by putting on a school uniform and tie. You can also consider a ready-made costume to complete your awesome Yoru Halloween costume.

You can have more fun with friends. Get the wonder together by dressing her up as the other chainsaw man alongside Yoru for an awesome group costume.

How To Dress Like Yoru From Chainsaw Man

Yoru Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Dress like Yoru from Chainsaw Man;

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Wig: #1 black bob wig with bang.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Lens: #2 fever yellow and red sclera eyes.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Shirt: #3 formal work wear white shirt.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Dress: #4 slim sleeveless scoop neck A-line flare sun black dress.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Belt: #5 black vintage wide elastic cinch dress waistband.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Tie: #6 Japanese black ribbon long pre adjustable necktie bowtie.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Sock: #7 black flat knit knee high sock.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Set: #8 Chainsaw Man all characters cosplay.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Shoe: #9 white high top canvas sneaker.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Costume Makeup: #10 included 60ml fake blood spray scar wax special effects modeling skin wax spatula, black stipple sponge coagulated fake blood gel castor sealer.

Yoru Halloween Costume

Yoru Chainsaw Man Halloween Costume

Yoru Costume: To get the Yoru look, purchase athletic shoes from a local retail store if you don't already have them. You can buy Yoru's spine sword and wig online, and last but not least, you can look for his makeup kit at your local costume store to complete your Yoru look.

Asa Mitaka, your hostess, is a young teenage girl, around 15-16 years old, with long black hair styled in two pigtails behind her head. She is often seen in a normal Japanese school uniform with a skirt and lace for a tie. She also appears to be wearing sneakers instead of regular schoolgirl shoes.

Whenever it possesses Asa's body, three scars appear on her face, one on her nose, one on her left cheek, and the other under her left eye, intersecting with the other two scars. Her eyes have multiple rings or circles, similar to Makima's, and her hair is also loose as she no longer has twin tails.

Yoru Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Yoru is confident and proud. Treating his opponents only as a warm-up exercise, he confidently swears vengeance on his old foe. Each other of her kind takes great pleasure in killing people while looking at them beneath her. He treats them as tools and means to achieve his ultimate goal in his war against Chainsaw Man.

As a human, Asa had a cynical and gloomy outlook on life, which caused her to be quite unpopular with her schoolmates. She had a disdain for humans in general and a strong hatred of devils, as both of her parents were eaten by members of the species.

Asa seemed to have a particular hatred for Chainsaw Man, a hybrid devil hunter known for his exploits, calling him a "devil-playing fel hunter," and for Bucky, a headless chicken devil. Despite all of this, it has been revealed that Asa's antisocial behavior was the result of her jealousy of her classmates. When she found out about it, she was ready to change for the better and give Bucky a chance.

Despite her hatred of devils and various talks about death wishes, she doesn't actually want to kill them as she is deeply sorry for seemingly accidentally killing Bucky. Although Asa is generally antisocial, she seemed to have a good relationship with the class president, who seemed to be her only true friend, as well as her teacher, Mr. Tanaka.

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