Yu Nishinoya Costume

Yu Nishinoya Costume

Haikyu!! Cosplay Ideas

How To Dress Like Yu Nishinoya From HAIKYU!!

Yu Nishinoya Cosplay

Dress like Yu Nishinoya from HAIKYU!!;

Nishinoya is the shortest member of the team at 159.3 cm. Despite his smaller stature, he has a fairly muscular physique. He regularly styles his wild black hair, ruffles most of it, and adds 10 cm to his height; the tiny tuft of hair that falls across his forehead appears to have been bleached dirty blond. His eyes are brown and slanted.

He tends to wear brightly colored shirts that usually have a random four-digit phrase printed on the front or back, e.g. B. "One Man Army" or "Three-Point Headstand". In matches, unlike the rest of the team, he wears an elbow pad on his right arm in addition to his uniform.

Yu Nishinoya Cosplay

Yu Nishinoya Halloween Costume

Nishinoya is a very energetic and spirited person. His boisterous nature and crazy shenanigans can easily attract unwanted attention, which is often his undoing. Although he hardly thinks about the consequences of his actions, he is surprisingly considerate of his friends' feelings and insecurities.

He has a whimsical habit of spontaneously coming up with ridiculous names for the movements he performs while practicing receiving. He's also unexpectedly shy when it comes to talking to girls he's never met before.

Yu Nishinoya Sportswear

Like Tanaka, Nishinoya takes a keen interest in team manager Kiyoko. When that happens, they cause a bit of a ruckus and are usually scolded by someone, most often Daichi. When the series officially introduces Nishinoya, he energetically approaches Kiyoko, resulting in an off-screen slap in the face. Nishinoya returns with a red cheek and a smile. Tanaka and Nishinoya both like to be called "senpai" and dislike boys, who get the most attention from female admirers like Oikawa.

Nishinoya can be extremely impatient, irritable, and impulsive. He doesn't bother to filter his words and as such tends to blurt out loud and tactlessly what he's thinking. In the game, however, his attitude changes drastically as he becomes incredibly focused and serious, staying calm and doing everything in his power to give his team the support they need until the very end. Because of this, everyone in the volleyball club respects him a lot. He is shown to be incredibly diligent, even practicing more than 200 spiked blocks continuously to the point where his legs stop moving.

Though Nishinoya has demonstrated incredible feats of confidence and fearlessness on countless occasions, he admits he was a "huge scaredy-cat" as a kid. He had many fears, leading to his grandfather teaching him to overcome those fears, teaching him that behind every fear there was a wasted experience, and telling him never to be afraid to ask for help when the fear does not subside. This reflected Nishinoya's tenacity and brave front throughout games, and at one point at Nationals this was a huge issue in his character development as he no doubt tells the team directly about his childhood despite being cornered.

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