Yun Jin Costume

Yun Jin Costume

You need the following items for your Halloween Yun Jin costume:

  1. Yun Jin Cosplay Costume
  2. Yun Jin Cosplay Shoes
  3. Yun Jin Cosplay Wig
  4. Yun Jin Spear

How To Dress Like Yun Jin From Genshin Impact

Yun Jin Halloween Costume

Dress Like Yun Jin From Genshin Impact;

Yun Jin is an elegant young woman of slightly below average height with a fair complexion. She has waist-length jet black hair with purple highlights in a hime cut. Her eyes are a rich red with flashy red makeup at the corners.

Her attire consists of a loose, long-sleeved, knee-length dark purple dress with a white petticoat. Layered over her petticoat is a dark purple overskirt, parted down the center and divided into five sections. Her dress features a white mandarin collar fastened with a red shamrock knot, as well as a detailed black corset-like belt trimmed with gold. Her Geo Vision is on the left side of her cloak and a gold geometric symbol of unknown origin is on her right. Her legwear consists of sheer lavender tights and a pair of knee-high dark purple lace-up boots.

Yun Jin Cosplay

Yun Jin Cosplay

Yun Jin costume consists of many accessories. Yun Jin's most eye-catching accessory is a large dark purple hat inspired by traditional Chinese opera headwear. The bottom of the hat has a white base on which are sewn fluffy pompoms of various sizes, from pink to bright turquoise and white. At the back of the hat are two turquoise braided tassels that are slightly longer than Yun Jin's hair.

Yun Jin is a veteran director, playwright and singer who is known for her plays throughout Liyue. She relishes this passion and goes to great lengths to ensure everyone who sees her performances is satisfied. While sophisticated and graceful on formal occasions, she is also known to be exceptionally kind in private. She draws inspiration for her pieces from many sources; She enjoys a wide variety of specialty drinks as one of her pastimes, and she can write a play about it if she enjoys it.


Halloween Yun Jin Costume

In addition to her passion, she also enjoys variety; While she gets along well with the troupe on theatrical matters, she often finds herself at odds with them on personal matters, as they consider her too traditional. She is particularly fond of rock 'n' roll and visits Xinyan and watches their performances at least three times a week no matter how busy she is. Xinyan believes that she comes to visit them because the fine arts are "suffocating". She tries to keep her visits secret, as well as her interest in non-traditional music.

In addition to The Divine Damsel of Devastation, the Yun-Han Opera Troupe has performed many other new plays, all written by Yun Jin, in recent years.

What is surprising, however, is that Yun Jin, who has always displayed a dignified and elegant demeanor, has a little hobby not known to the general public - she enjoys listening to rock 'n' roll. If you see Yun Jin performing rock 'n' roll at Liyue Port, please refrain from telling the world. Otherwise, she might get angry with the elders again.

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