Zach Dempsey Outfits

Zach Dempsey Outfits

13 Reasons Why Zack Outfits

13 Reasons Why Zack Outfit Items

Dress Like Zack Dempsey From 13 Reasons Why

Dress Like Zack Dempsey From 13 Reasons Why

Dress Like Zack Dempsey From 13 Reasons Why;

Zack Dempsey Tracksuit: As Zack is and was a sportsman in a couple of sports branches in Liberty High he is mostly seen in sports outfit. He prefers adidas.

Zack Dempsey Watch: He wears a brown straped watch.

Zack Dempsey Shoes: Like his other clothes he again prefers adidas basketball shoes.

13 Reasons Why Zack Costume

13 Reasons Why Zack Costume

Zachary "Zach" Shan-Yung Dempsey is a main character in Netflix '13 reasons why. He is portrayed by Ross Butler.

Zach is the son of Karen Dempsey and George Dempsey, the brother of May Dempsey and the ex-boyfriend of Hannah Baker. It is the subject of the seventh volume on Hannah's list of reasons why she killed herself.

13 Reasons Why Zack Fashion Style

Zach is a tall and athletic Asian American with short dark hair and dark eyes. It is usually seen in sportswear such as simple jackets, jeans, sneakers, and snapbacks. He is also often found in his basketball uniform.

About Zack Dempsey From 13 Reasons Why

Zach is a kind-hearted person and a good friend of his surroundings, although to some extent he is also extremely cruel and unloving. Like the other Scots at Liberty High, he shows that he is a bully and disrespectful to girls, as he admits during his retirement that he said insulting things about Hannah. He is physically aggressive when he threatened Tyler that he would break his arm if he did not leave him and the others on the tapes at lunch, and it is shown that he has a temper after Hannah rejected him and his help.

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