Zack Fair Halloween Costume 2020

Final Fantasy Zack Fair Costume

Zack Fair Cosplay Items

Dress Like Zack Fair From Final Fantasy

Dress Like Zack Fair From Final Fantasy

Dress like Zack Fair from Final Fantasy; Zack Fair cosplay look consists of black costume of Zack for men or women, Zack's prop sword, dot earrings and Zack wig, to complete your Zack Fair look don't forget to get black leather gloves and Zack Fair cosplay boots.

Zack Fair Cosplay

Zack Fair Cosplay

Zack Fair is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VII and the main protagonist of his prequel Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It also appears in Last Order - Final Fantasy VII -, Before the Crisis - Final Fantasy VII -, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Zack Fair Halloween Costume

Zack is tall, well built, and has the iconic sky blue mako eyes that SOLDIER members have in common. Zack's appearance changes during Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. He begins with spiky black hair with several bangs on his face and wears a dark blue SOLDIER uniform, gloves, boots and is equipped with a standard SOLDIER sword.

After his transportation, he wears a black 1st class SOLDIER uniform and receives the Buster sword and an X-shaped scar on his cheek. His spiky hair grows back and becomes wilder when a single strand of hair hangs down in front of his face. He now has a silver earring in his left ear.

While on the Costa del Sol, Zack wears black shorts with a white cord and yellow design, and carries a parasol as a makeshift weapon.

About Zack Fair From Final Fantasy

Zack has a positive attitude and is always ready for work. His energetic personality and short attention span earned Angeal the nickname "Zack the Puppy". He is loyal to SOLDIER and dreams of becoming a hero. He is nice, friendly, sociable and easily makes friends with almost everyone. Appreciating Angeal's words, dreams, and honor had a huge impact on Zack, and he succeeds Angeal as the SOLDIER's spiritual leader. He flirts with women and protects his friends.

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