About Us

What we are trying to do is giving our readers a helping hand when they are looking for halloween, party, comic con etc costume ideas. We aim to help all cosplayers in finding the best possible costume. We only choose the best option in the market. While choosing a costume item our criterions are as followed below.

  • resemblance
  • cost
  • quality
  • user experience
  • availability

We always do our best to find the exact match for each costume item, if no exact match is possible then we try to give you the best possible match.

If there are more than one option available then we always try to find the cheapest for all our readers.

Quality is a top priority for us, we always try to give you the highest quality cosplay items.

We constantly check out links so that you don't end up with an out of stock item, however from time to time we may be late or we may not find any item to put in its place.

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