About Us

Who We Are and What We Do at Costume Realm:

At Costume Realm, we're driven by a passion for bringing your favorite characters to life, especially as Halloween draws near. Our commitment lies in providing top-tier costume guides for Halloween and cosplay enthusiasts, ensuring a unique and immersive experience for all our visitors.

Why We Lack Anime Cosplay Guides:

Our goal is to foster your creative flair through our costume offerings. However, currently, we're unable to feature anime cosplay guides due to copyright requests from the respective owners. We're diligently working to address these issues and aim to reintroduce these guides as soon as we can.

Our Revenue Model Without Ads:

Indeed, we steer clear of ads on our site. Our brief experiment with ads ended quickly due to their intrusive nature. We prioritize a seamless user experience over higher earnings. Our revenue comes from affiliate links; when you purchase products via these links on our site, we earn a commission.

Why Competitors Might Use Ads:

Each company's approach varies, and since we don't have personal interactions with our competitors, we can't speak on their behalf regarding their choice to display ads.

Our No-Cookie Policy Explained:

We don't use cookies, hence no need for cookie consent on our site. Unlike many competitors, we adhere to strict EU privacy laws, and choose to maintain a cookie-free website for a more user-friendly experience. This approach is part of our commitment to user privacy and involves paying for services that respect this ethos, as opposed to using free, data-collecting alternatives.

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